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Life balance and being close to family is a new lifestyle feeling which more and more people are seeking for. As an organization extending your team with remote team members to scale your team is today as normal as brushing the teeth every morning. Read in today’s infographic details about the benefits of remote-team collaboration, what is working and where are the threats.

More and more people are seeking actually for a work which can be done out of their home office. They try avoiding the hassle to travel every morning to an office which is a waste of time in life.

On a personal level, I decided not to fall into this habit of people. I even gave up my home office to get a rest of my workday. I experienced nights where I could not sleep because my brain did not stop working. Considering the bedroom next door to my office often resulted that I worked over many hours and just walked relocated from my bedroom to my office and versus.

From the point of view of an employer, I also encountered challenges in communication, visibility of reporting, remote-team collaboration and actually understanding how much time was spent on the work. But let’s look into the lively side: There’s no commuting, companies have access to global talent, and saving certain costs can mean increased profits.

We assume these are compelling reasons that have helped drive a rise in remote teams over the past decade.

As I mention maybe already above, remote work can come with challenges, including team collaboration and communication.

In today’s infographic, the team at Chanty, puts some spotlight on the concept of remote-team collaboration. It highlights tips on how to utilize a couple of tools to achieve the most beneficial results from a global team and indicates a view into the future of remote teams.

We can find in the graphics helpful tools named for team communication, video conferencing, and file-sharing. Additionally, we can obtain information in the infographic on the industries which are hiring remote team members.

If you want to know more about remote-team collaboration and how to maximize the benefits and productivity then scroll down and read the full infographic. Are you currently using remote team members or are you a part of an extended team? Share your experience with your peers and use our commenting below.

Remote-Team Collaboration: Pros, Cons, Tools, and the Problems It Solves [Infographic]
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