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Retargeting: LinkedIn Advertiser Checklist For Success

Retargeting is for sure one of the most efficient ways to actually convert your prospect to a client. However, a lot of social media channels are weak in their assistance when it comes to retargeting. A DMP or proper marketing platform could help to overcome this challenge. Today we want to see how LinkedIn can help marketers to retarget their prospects and clients.

A marriage between a social media channel and your website gives you the great opportunity to utilize the social media offered campaign tools to reach the audience on their favorite channel.

Ad content can be placed for example on LinkedIn retargeting special your website visitor.

By adding the LinkedIn Insight Tag on your own website you can now match your website visitor to their member profile of LinkedIn. Marketers and advertisers can use website retargeting with LinkedIn demographic segments for more precise targeting.

Advertiser checklist for success: Retargeting

Setup your Insight Tag

For website retargeting start with setting up your InsightTag on LinkedIn. Your insight tag helps you to track conversations, retarget known audiences, and get realtime insights on the professional traits of your website visitors.

If you have already an insight tag set up for your account in Campaign Manager, click on “Account Assets” > “Insight Tag” and make sure it shows a green dot next to your website domain(s).

Best Practices:

  1. Have just one partner ID or Insight Tag per domain. To associate -your account with an existing insight Tag, use the “Manage Insight Tag” option from the account using the existing Insight tag.
  2. 2. Your insight tag should be installed on the global header of your website. When that’s not possible, tag tho individual pages of your website.

After 24 hours you see your tag is working. A green dot will appear next to the website domain(s).

In the infographic, you can see an example to retarget members who have visited your newsletter thank-you-page.html.

Further, define your audience with match rules

If you build your match rules use a combination of ‘AND’ and ‘OR’ logic. You can use ‘AND’ to target audience only for professionals who have visited multiple pages. Use the ‘OR’ logic for people who visited one or another page on your website.

Retargeting by Video and Lead Gen Forms

In this case, choose your audience that aligns with your objective. For awareness consideration, objective videos fit better, while lead gen forms can help more in conversation objectives.

If you’re retargeting by video viewers – select the appropriate completion quartile. If choose your video less than 30 seconds, choose “50% of completed or higher” otherwise, select “25% completed”.

When retargeting an audience who watched your ad with another video ad, break up the story. Take a 2-minute video and break it up into a series of 30-second video ads.

If retargeting by Lead Gen Forms opens or submissions – select the right action. To generate new leads, retarget those who opened a Lead Gen Form and exclude those who submitted. To nurture existing leads, retarget those who submitted a Lead Gen Form.

Best Practices:

  • Choose at least one active campaign – Retargeting based on previous campaigns may cause your audience size to decrease over time, as there will be fewer recent engagements with your adds.
  • Define the right lookback window – LinkedIn recommends A/B Testing different lookback windows to understand which is the most effective at reaching an in-market audience.
  • Check your audience – After you built it, allow 48 hours for your audience to populate. The audience will continue to build on a daily basis and will grow as engagement with your ads grows.

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions published a handy guide as the infographic below that covers the basics of retargeting and how to use LinkedIn successfully. Since LinkedIn is a business network that enables a lot of contact and communication management features and linking your contact data back to your inhouse CRM, a bridge into marketing is natural. We will look into more insides of marketing with LinkedIn in the future.

Two topics we did not look into today are retargeting of “Company Page Audience” and “Event Audiences”. To cover this we would like to recommend LinkedIn Retargeting – Overview.


Retargeting with LinkedIn
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