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I believe in Influencer Marketing and so does Google. The times are rose for Influencer and it depends on which segment we look for them. I had the debate the other day that in Fashion and Lifestyler they are maybe on the spike of the hype, but in other fields, they are not there yet.

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Dieter Hovorka

CTO, Co-founder, Skillz Middle East

Influencer Marketing was for sure one of the hot topics in Digital Marketing 2017 and the success story will continue this year 2018. With a return of $7.65 in average on every single dollar spent, according to an infographic by Influencer Marketing Hub, it’s easy to see why brands that try out influencer marketer often stick with it.

Google can confirm the trend, over the last 12 month the search for Influencer marketing rosed by +325% which makes more than 21,000 searches per month.

This trend, of course, brings new market potential and platforms for agencies for influencer increased by +230 platforms in the last two years. Now brands can select out of 420 different platforms which is more than we want. The survey looked also what marketers are looking for and how they see the result. The fastest growing online customer acquisition method is lead by influencer marketing is seen by 28% of marketers. Still, 15% believe in organic search and email marketing is in the third position with 13%.

Instagram users like 4.2 billion posts per day, this is a powerful number for the influencer. Instagram plays a major role in influencer marketing.

Looking into our favorite budget question we can see that besides 57% of all marketers who budget content marketing separate, there are 37% which have a dedicated budget for influencer marketing. The study unveils that the budget will steadily increase over the next 12 month base on the opinion of 67% of all asked marketers.

The infographic below illustrates some number of Facebook Influencer, Instagram Influencer and how brands sponsor them.  Take a moment and share your thought with us in the comments. We are looking forward to the development over the year and will look into this topic latest beginning 2019.

the Rise of Influencer Marketing

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