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Countless articles and blogs are written at the beginning of a new year to predict the definitive trends that industry creatives should implement. Explore Shutterstock’s Global Creative Trends That Will Shape 2017.

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Dieter Hovorka

CTO, Co-founder, Skillz Middle East

You’ll see one blog claiming that a neutral color palette is key, while another insists on vivid splashes of color, both equally convincing in their explanation. What do most of these blogs lack? Raw data!

The experts at Shutterstock have crunched the numbers and tracked trending search queries to deliver the trends that they can assert are continuing to grow, based on sheer numbers. Due to their impressive database of top-notch images from the hottest modern photographers, Shutterstock packs this infographic with stunning and relevant examples to succinctly express how 2017 is going to look, feel, and sound.

Explore Shutterstock’s Global Creative Trends That Will Shape 2017

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