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Being successful in business life and maybe also private goes hand in hand with how motivated we are. Motivating others is an aspect which gives as unreached rewards which can be great self-motivation.

The basics of motivated employees and people are trivial since we all know it might have forgotten about it. Saying Thank you. Thanking the people, you work with can be powerful motivator a recent survey showed.

81% of people said they would work harder for a boss who appreciates them. Even 70% said they’d feel better about their work and themselves if their boss if their boss thanked them more regularly. But, just 10% of respondents said that they regularly thanked their colleagues. All this and more you could read out of a study from back in 2012 from John Templeton Foundation. Time changed but the way of behavior did not change.

A surprise might be that food is a slight better motivator than cash. People receiving a pizza are increasing their productivity by 6.7% vs the once who received cash only by 4.9%.

According to an infographic by Happify, there is a lot manager can learn and improve when it comes to motivating others and productivity increase. In short, a bad manager very likely means a less-motivated person or employee. This should encourage you to become a better manager.

Happify’s infographic has some tips to motivate your team and be a more competent manager. We can read about the three factors that most motivate employees.

  1. Mastery: Give people the opportunity to learn on the job
  2. Membership: A sense of community
  3. Meaning: Working for a purpose

So thank your employees, organize that team outing for example. Read the complete infographic to get into the gears on how to be a motivating manager and how you can be motivating others. Do you have any tips for your peers from your experience? Share your thoughts in our commenting section below.

How you can be motivating Others
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