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Sell your business with eBooks sounds may be old fashion, but wait until you discovered the hidden gems. It’s a little longer than your average blog post, and more text-based than an infographic, an ebook is something that can give a detailed insight into your brand’s expertise and understanding of your business field. Not only does it help in lead generation, but it also helps in establishing your brand as a leader and expert within your target market.

Sell Your Business With Ebooks
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Getting started might be the most challenging part for some people. But the infographic is helping us right here. But before we get started let’s have a look into the past of the eBook, where does it come from, where are the roots of the idea?

History of eBooks

eBooks were maybe not a fashion until the giants like Amazon and Google made them popular. Still, the dream of a truly revolutionary reading device has been around since long before the Kindle or the iPad. 20th-century writer and impresario named Bob Brown had a concept since 1930, he called the idea “readies,” following 1927 released “talkies” in movie theaters.

Brown wrote to the paper, “To continue reading at today’s speed, I must have a machine. A simple reading machine which I can carry or move around, attach to any old electric light plug and read hundred-thousand-word novels in 10 minutes if I want to, and I want to.” Furthermore, his machine would “allow readers to adjust the type size and avoid paper cuts.” Brown never saw his machine or device, so for him, it was a dream.

His dream came to life in 1949 when a Spanish school teacher named Angela Ruiz Robles invented an “automated book”. She used spools and compressed air to compile her children’s heavy textbooks. But, her invention was automated, not electronic, and it would be years before the first eBook appeared.

Nearly 20 years (1971) after Angela a student from the University of Illinois, Michael S. Hart, was the creator of the first eBook which he made on a Xerox mainframe computer.

His first eBook was none other than the American Declaration of Independence, which was really more of a pamphlet. After the 1971 launch of his first electronic publication, Hart launched Project Gutenberg to create eBooks and develop new technology. Michael S. Hart created digital copies of the Bill of Rights, the American Constitution, and the Bible.

Another 20 years later, 1993 the company Bibliobytes began to sell eBooks online with its own created financial exchange network on the internet.

1998 Four important events shaped the future of eBooks: the first eBook readers launched, eBooks attained ISBNs, U.S. Libraries began providing free eBooks to the public, and Google was founded.

Back to Today

Getting started might be the most challenging part for some people. But the infographic is helping us right here. Let’s have a look at how you can sell your business with ebooks.

1. Research your target audience

Before you begin your marketing campaign for your eBook, make sure you research your target audience. It is more a lesson learned who would benefit from your ebook and listen to the heart of your audience.

2. Research and Focus on Keywords

Take your time research the keywords which are key for your topic, and then include them smartly in your eBook, so that it ranks well on search engines.

3. Devise a Proper Plan

Ask yourself, which social channels do you think will bring your maximum traffic? Did you compile the right relevant subscribers to whom you will promote your eBook? Did you collect enough information about the audience you are planning to tackle?

4. Create Anticipation

While you are working on your eBook, make it a point to share little tidbits from the process, so that your audience gets relatively hyped for your finished product.

  • Selected pictures from your work
  • Stories of the inspiration behind you’re Book
  • Early drafts of some of the chapters
  • Other articles or eBooks which can be read along with you’re Book

5. Include Quotes and Insights or Your Industry Experts

One of the best ways of pitching your eBook to prestigious members of your community is by including their quotes and insights on related subjects into your eBook and then notifying them about your inspiration.

6. Tease with a Sample Chapter

This is a great way of showing what kind of treasure your eBook contains. It’s the most common way publishers are promoting new masterpieces of their authors.

7. Create a Dedicated Landing Page for your eBook

Creating a landing page is a great platform for convincing your audience that your eBook something worthwhile to offer them while making it easier for them to get it. On the landing page, you can gate the sample chapter for download, this way you collect already audience information for your later promotion campaign.

8. Include a Strong Call-To-Action

Your call-to-action button is probably the most important part of your eBook. If done rightly, a call-to-action can actually compel visitors to click and get your eBook, without second thoughts.

9. Include Keywords in Website Page URL That Promotes your eBook

When people search for things on the internet, they look through keywords and not specific names. Tha’s why, if your page URL is made of relevant keywords, there are more chances of our eBook ranking well on search engines, and being found by the right people.

10. Make a Video Introducing Your eBook and put it on YouTube

Even though it is not exactly meant for promoting something like an eBook, you can still use YouTube or Vimeo to market and create a buzz around your eBook. Sharing your YouTube link to other social media platforms might reach your audience on a different angle, a snap could be good for Instagram Stories. Just create an explainer video depicting what is covered in your eBook to get more and more people interested in your work.

… And More to Read and See in the Infographic “Tips To Sell Your Business With Ebooks”

The guide shares more ideas around freebies, running a contest to give away an eBook, writing guest blogs with an eBook summary, or running an email marketing campaign. Don’t forget your personal blog to promote your eBook and announce it on your personal social profiles. Also for successful selling, you can find some tips.

Remember Tip number 3?  Yes, you are right the proper plan which should also include a complete marketing plan on a calendar. This way you will be successful with your eBook on the market. This infographic “Tips To Sell Your Business With Ebooks” was prepared by BigrockCoupon.

Selling your Business with eBooks

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