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Eight predictions about SEO – what search engine optimization has in store for marketers in 2017 – are outlined and explained in an infographic. Mobile is only one focus area in SEO Trends for 2017

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Dieter Hovorka

CTO, Co-founder, Skillz Middle East

From Google’s reliance on Artificial Intelligence to the much-awaited final update for Google Penguin, the SEO landscape has seen a lot of developments in 2016. But overall, it has been a fascinating year for most SEO practitioners who could cope with the changes in the search engine arena. And as the year 2017 rapidly approaches and changes in customer”s search behaviors and Google’s algorithm updates continue to flock in, now is the perfect time for you to plan your winning strategy for your SEO success in 2017. We recently have been reading the Infographic about Google’s biggest search algorithm changes last year. 8  predictions about SEO – what search engine optimization has in store for marketers in 2017 – are outlined and explained in another infographic, created by CJG Digital Marketing. Among the predictions for SEO trends 2017:
  • Schema Markup will gain more importance. The schema has always been a part of effective SEO since the inception of semantic search, but with the changing search environment and user trends, the. schema Is becoming increasingly Important to rank well In the SERPs nowadays.
  • Changes in SERP. Google has been experimenting with SERP this year, specifically changing Its layout and making the snippet width longer. Although promising, Google hasn’t rolled this out to all websites. nor they have confirmed that they are permanent. which makes it difficult to for SEO to take advantage with.
  • Denser, Quality Content. People, as well as search engines. have witnessed a lot of content ln the web that keeps talking about the same topic repeatedly by changing some of the words and structure used in the previous article.
  • The union of personal branding and SEO. True enough, pitching your content guest post is a tough  Job, not unless you already have a well-established image to your audience.
  • User Experience Optimization. This coming year, we are likely to see the user experience to gain more importance on the SEO landscape. As people are increasingly becoming more demanding in terms of the navigability of the website- especially on mobile, user experience optimization is going to be an integral part of the overall SEO strategy.
  • Increased adoption of Google AMP (accelerated mobile pages). AMP is just one way to improve the overall performance of the mobile Web.
  • The rise of voice search. In 2016, Google reported that 20% of searches on its mobile app were voice searches, according to data cited in the infographic.
  • Machine-learning and artificial intelligence. The infographic predicts that Google may release more machine-learning updates beyond RankBrain.
To see more predictions, check out the infographic to see 8 SEO Trends for 2017 below.
Eight SEO Trends to Expect in 2017

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