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Some 1.2 billion people worldwide access the Internet from a mobile device. If your business doesn’t have a mobile-friendly site, then you’re missing opportunities.

Skillz Middle East makes Digital Transformation happening for your company. We focus on the quick win to ensure Digital Marketing, e-learning, Web Meeting, Web Conferencing, Digital Signature, Digital Asset Management are ready to enhance your organization. Digital Marketing shall save money and bring a more efficient conversion for your brand and products.

Dieter Hovorka

CTO, Co-founder, Skillz Middle East

Furthermore, 55% of time spent with online retail occurred on a mobile device, according to one study. That stat and more are highlighted in an infographic by Harris Myers Business Development that explains why businesses should ensure their websites render and function well on mobile devices.

In addition to simply making your site more accessible, mobile-friendliness helps achieve higher rankings in Google search results, and it’s more economical than creating different versions of your website for various types of devices, the infographic explains.

However, it might turn out not as an easy task for some of us. But let me share you a secret. Mobile sites need to be fast loading, natural we are not looking accessing them from a brought band internet connection with 100 MBit speed, and no, LTE is not aviable across all places wherever yiour user is.

So do not expect a happy audience if your 4200 x 1800 pixels and 12 MB large images are slow in loading and people abandon your side.  If we agree on this we can work on the other elements like content transformation, content reorganization, and content layout.

Using the right technology will it make easy for you to resize images and videos for mobile-friendly display, so don’t worry about that for the moment. 

All the benefits that mobile-friendly sites give to your visitors naturally come together to help you achieve better conversion rates and more sales.

Got it? Agree? Let’s do it.

For more on why your website needs to be mobile-friendly right now, check out the infographic.

Seven Reasons Your Business Needs a Mobile-Friendly Website Right Now

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