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Who does not know that trending words might not always fit for small businesses. Google Analytics and Big Data do go along quite well, but maybe scares away the small companies which can not effort a digital marketing manager or CMO. A small business guide could help to secure the maximum out from Google Analytics.

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Dieter Hovorka

CTO, Co-founder, Skillz Middle East

Whoever is running a website or e-commerce store on the internet, appreciates the Google Analytics to obtain some insights about their site visits. But quickly the Google Analytics portal can be overwhelming to many marketers in its complexity and offerings. It is indeed a powerful grownup tool.

No need to shy away anymore since Headway Capital has created an infographic which presents a small business guide of how to use Google Analytics.

A good starting point is looking int the question, what do business owners and marketers may want to get out of Google Analytics. Why shall we use it? Understanding what you are actually looking at is helpful. The infographic answers also good how to set up your account. Attention WordPress users: you can use a plug-in which makes the integration easy.

Google Analytics has grown to a power horse when it comes it website insides. Small Business owners need to optimize the usage not to get lost. 

The graphics talks about the different areas on the home page. Analytics Home which summarizes the number of visitors as users, sessions, bounce rate and session duration. This is the essential information shown. Beside the Analytics Home, you have the real-time view.

Further, read more about demographics, geographical data, what pages are popular for your visitors during a period and which devices are commonly used to access your page.

All might have noticed already that all this information sounds great, but what to do with it if you don’t know how to act on it. The infographic explains how to recognize weaknesses in your internet presence, track user behavior on your site, and set GA goals.

The result should be to improve the user experience and your conversion rates. Are you ready to get started? Well, don’t waste more time, read all the details below in the infographic how to use Google Analytics for Small Businesses – ‘The Small Business Guide’.

Let us know what you successful have taken out of this guide and what worked for you. Share your comments below and be part of the conversation.

A small business guide could help to secure the maximum out from Google Analytics.

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