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What shall be the future of a Smart Cities? I found an interesting infographic from ExpressVPN who draw a picture of a Smart Cities Innovation which is partial funny and interesting to read. But living in Dubai I can only confirm the future has arrived.

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Dieter Hovorka

CTO, Co-founder, Skillz Middle East

How does your future look like? How would you like to see a Smart City? Exactly this question ExpressVPN asked and found some funny implementations across the globe.

With the statement “Smart Cities – Innovation or Intrusion? You Decide ….”, it looks like a wake-up call. Let’s not take it to total serious but why not have a look over the shoulder.

Smart Cities Innovation found

Toilet Sensors – Worried granny might take the longest nap? Singapore is testing sensors in toilets that notify family members of any lasting activity

Car Sensors – Singapore is placing sensors on all registered cars, allowing the government to charge tolls based on total usage

Beehive Sensors – Chicago is using giant “beehive· sensors to track weather, air quality, and flooding

Gun Shot Detection – Camden, NJ and over 100 other US cities have installed microphones across the city that detect gunshots and automatically deploy police officers.

Minority Report IRL – Hitachi has developed a “Visualization Predictive Crime Analytics System” that is supposed to predict crimes within a 200-meter radius of where they are likely to occur

On the Road to Find Out – Santander. Spain has attached 20.000 sensors to roads. street lamps. and public transportation. allowing residents to know when the bus is coming or where there’s a free parking spot

Smart Money – Paris initiated a ‘participatory budget’, allowing citizens to vote on projects they wanted the city to invest in

Traffic Monitoring – Dubai has a traffic-monitoring system that notifies citizens of accidents within a 10 or 20-kilometer radius

GPS Trackers – In an effort to make trash collection more efficient Pune, India, is adding GPS trackers to its garbage trucks

By 2020 global market for smart cities expect to reach $ 1.6 trillion.

Well, maybe not only with this type of Smart Cities Innovation. We will see more and more sensors installed for smart lighting, smart parking and even smart citizen recognition. Our society is asking for a higher comfort level of living with higher safety standards against crimes and easier ways to get access to information and services.


We are writing the year 2018 and when we talk about Smart Cities Innovation we are seeing emerging technologies in the spotlight –  A.I., Blockchain and Augmented Reality which shall help us to make technology smarter. Does a smart city make smarter citizens? We will learn over time, they one thing is given, happiness is priceless.

To see the full graphic just scroll down and see the nice made artwork. Let me know which interesting smart city fact we can add here which is not so well known. Use our commenting section below and exchange your opinion with your peers.

Smart Cities Innovation: Utopian dream or dystopian nightmare?

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