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Owned, earned, and paid social media are all critical tactics for a social media marketer’s success.

“I know what you did in your last Marketing campaign, do you?”

Jalena Pineda

Business Development Manager, Skillz Middle East

But today, with earned and owned social media performance at an all-time low, according to an infographic by social media platform Tracx marketers are often laser-focused on the paid aspect.

However, the real magic happens when all three work together, creating the “Social Trifecta.”

The infographic explains that 80% of social media today is paid, while 70% of social conversations about brands take place on earned social media channels.

It goes on to show how owned and earned media work together, and how you can turn earned into owned, and owned into paid.

Here’s how you can use the Social Media Trifecta to amplify your social media marketing efforts. To see what the social media trifecta can do for your marketing strategy, check out the infographic:

Owned, earned, and paid social media have been talked about for quite some time, but never have they been more critical to social media marketers’ success than today. But why?

Because organic and owned social media performance is at an all-time low, and marketers are getting uber focused on paid social media. Don’t believe me? Here are the cold hard facts:

  • Only .1% of content gets shared on social
  • Branded (owned) Facebook posts only reach 2-6% of followers
  • 185% growth in social advertising in past 3 years 

So owned social content isn’t reaching your target audience, and paid social is all the rage, what about earned social? Earned media is the lynchpin between owned and paid and it’s where all the golden insights are hiding!

The Golden Social nuggets and insights often hide out “in the wild” jungle of #earnedsocialmedia

The real magic happens when all three work together—what we call The Social Trifecta™. And social media marketers need to be constantly listening (across all 3) and optimizing efforts at the intersections of owned, earned, and paid to get their content seen, expand reach, and survive in the social jungle.

Owned, Paid, and Earned: The Social Media Trifecta [Infographic]

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