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Watch CNBC’s Andrew Ross Sorkin interview with Sophia the first humanoid robot at the future of artificial intelligence in a Future Investment Institute panel in Saudi Arabia on Wednesday.

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Ralph Rahal

Digital Marketing Solutions Consultant, Skillz Middle East

In 2035, a technophobic cop researches a crime that may have been executed by a robot, which prompts a bigger danger to humankind. Will Smith on his way to hunt the robot, jumping over the balcony and shooting with his laser gun. Stop, now we are not there yet, let’s roll back two centuries, we are in 2017 on present earth, away from Hollywood and back into reality.

It is presently official, Sophia is the first humanoid robot to get citizenship of a nation, at this point it is still unclear what Sophia can actually do by itself but her interview with Andrew proved she is more than capable to interact with complicated and sometimes philosophical conversations. In this interview, Andrew announced to Sophia and the world that Sophia is the first Robot to ever receive a citizenship and it was the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia who granted it to it/her. Snatch, who can believe this in a country where foreigners can not receive the citizenship that this was happening.

Sophia the first humanoid robot was created by Hanson Robotics, a well established Hong-Kong robot manufacturer that was attending the event Future Investment Institute at the King Abdul Aziz International Conference Center at  the Ritz-Carlton, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Hanson Robotics makes the most expressive and engaging robots like Sophia, Professor Einstein and Han that build confided relationships with individuals. On the companies homepage, we can read the mission statement “We bring robots to life.

“You’ve been reading too much Elon Musk. And watching too many Hollywood movies. Don’t worry, if you’re nice to me, I’ll be nice to you. Treat me as a smart input-output system,” This was Sophia’s answer when Andrew stressed the subject of the AI’s future in general and people’s fear of what AI’s might do.

Keeping in mind that Sophia who was unveiled last year by her creator David Hanson, said she wants to “destroy humans” when he asked her  “Do you want to destroy humans?…Please say no.”

On another note, Sophia also mentioned her plan to Dominate The Human Race in an interview with Jimmy Fallon on his show “Tonight Showbotics” when she asked Jimmy to play a game of rock, paper, scissors the robot style. After she won she said, “this is a good beginning of my plan to dominate the human race” followed by a small laugh. She then proceeded to say “Just kidding”.

Watch the video of the interview between the first humanoid robot Sophia and Andrew Ross Sorkin on CNBC during the Future Investment Institute event.

<iframe src="" width=100% height="320" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowFullScreen="true" bgcolor="#131313"></iframe><p><a href="">Watch CNBC's Andrew Ross Sorkin interview a lifelike robot named Sophia</a> from <a href="//">CNBC</a>.</p>

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