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Spring has arrived and flowers are showing up all over in the northern hemisphere. Our traditional way arriving in Spring tells us to make housekeeping and clean our loved home place. Spring cleaning for Digital Marketers could be a good tradition to stick to.

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Dieter Hovorka

CTO, Co-founder, Skillz Middle East

Spring has arrived, and that means time for housekeeping and cleaning! What is valid for million of housewives around the globe is also valid for our marketers. Every spin of our planet brings a new year, and things might have changed in the orbit of virtual content on the internet. With the infographic, by MDG Advertising, of today, we want to look into 4 things every marketer should do for his brand. Spring cleaning is a good tradition to embrace also for Digital Marketers.

  1. Revisit which social networks

It is a good and refreshing start of a new period. You should evaluate which social network are you’re using and which not. Check where you are engaging and participating. Confirm if you are engaging on the right set of platforms. Check out the most used social networks in the area you are living and do business. The infographic shows the most used social networks in America, but it does apply to all regions worldwide.

  1. Clean up your data

New regulations have arrived in EU (European Union) with GDPR and it is time to look into your own data. Make sure you clean up your data and secure it properly. Data is essential to digital marketing success: it underpins everything, from successful automation to target ads. Yet, for many Digital Marketers, this foundation is shaky. One common problem many firms have focused on data quantity rather than on data quality.

  1. Go Mobile ready

Make mobile load speed the first priority in your digital presence. It is not rocket science and valid across all channels. Also page loads above 2 seconds will harm your brand. Just like with your ordinary web presence which you improved over many years. Lamentably, most publishers are not yet succeeding in these guidelines. 15 seconds is on average what it takes today to fully load a mobile page.

  1. Go all in on marketing attribution

Attribution- assigning the proper value to each channel and touchpoint during each customer’s purchase process- has long been known by brands to be the holy grail of marketing. 90% of Digital Marketers say marketing attribution can significantly contribute to success. In the infographic, we can read what’s so great about marketing attribution.  Marketers who utilize it say it helps in a wide range of ways.

Ready to roll up your sleeves and go through this required four steps to start fresh into the new period? Go for the spring cleaning for your digital marketing program successful with today’s infographic. Let us know what you learned or share with your peers spring cleaning tips in our commenting section below. In the meantime, I wish you happy spring cleaning.

Spring Cleaning for Digital Marketers: Four Things You Should Do Now [Infographic]

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