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In the Middle East, the topic served over the last 2 years. Educational Robotics Program for schools in all fields. This is the reason I recalled on this older Infographic which gives us hints on how to get a Robotics Program running in school. 

The Infographic recommends taking 5 steps to get a successful Robotics Program running. It fits in all grades of schools and can be adopted into many curricula. Edgunity provided us the infographic back in the year 2015 which helps us to understand challenges and pitfalls.

Step 1: First decide which role your robotics program will play at your school and set goals

Robotics programs can be implemented in middle schools and high schools or even earlier. Your program can be organized into an academic team, and after-school club, a course of series of courses, or it can be used to enhance learning. Taking the concepts taught in math and science courses and applying them to a real-world robotics project can greatly increase student engagement in STEM subject areas. Be sure you outline what goals you would like to accomplish by starting this new program.

Do you want your school to participate in competitions like the First Robotics Competition (FRC) the VEX Robotics Competition? Do you want to help students to build college or career skills? Or do you simply want to provide students with more opportunities to participate in STEM activities?

Step 2: Second, determinate what resources you can dedicate to the program.

Part of what students love about robotics is, of course, getting to build robots! Carefully outline what expenses you will need to consider for the program of size and scope you wish to implement. Skillz Middle East is the leading provider of Skriware who provides a complete educational ecosystem for educational robotics programs. The skriware educational ecosystem consists of hardware and software solutions that create a hands-on experience to teach STEAM interdisciplinary skills to students in classrooms or at home. With Skiware your budget is under control. But don’t forget to consider what resources your school may already have available or evaluate sponsoring.

Step 3: Third, designate mentors to oversee and facilitate the program and guide students.

If your robotics program will be part of a fully-fledged robotics course, you’ll need a highly qualified teacher in place with the right skills and knowledge to teach students multifaceted lesson plans that will involve everything from math and science to coding and design. Even a robotics club or academic team will need mentor teachers available to help students set and achieve goals. Work with your staff to determine who has the right skills to provide students with the guidance they’ll need to see a project through. It’s very likely that your teachers will find themselves learning alongside their students. Skriware helps you with a complete set of curriculum for your first robotics program which helps your teachers to succeed in their mission. I the Skriware Academy you can download the “Destination: Mars” program – Discover the secrets of the Red Planet with Skribot and STEAM Team in the span of 8 exciting missions that will take you on the adventure of a lifetime.

Step 4: Plan your implementation.

Whether your robotics program will be implemented as a course or an academic team, you’ll need to set aside time and space for It. You’ll also need to select and purchase any hardware or software that might be required to get your program off the ground. Additionally, outline some short-term and long-term goals or projects, but keep the program student-focused, with plenty of openings for students to make choices about what they want to learn or accomplish with each project. Think about how you will get the word out to students and recruit them to Join. Be sure to enlist the help of guidance counselors and teachers in your recruiting efforts, and send an official announcement home to parents and guardians.

Step 5: Last make it happen your Robotics Program!

By taking the extra time to lay the foundation for your robotics program and really plan for its implementation, you can get things off to a running start and avoid a lot of common pitfalls and roadblocks. But don’t expect things to go off without a hitch. There are sure to be a few snags in the road here and there, so deal with challenges as they arise and think of ways to overcome or avoid problems as your program moves forward. And never stop looking for ways to fund your robotics program. There are more grants and funding opportunities for STEM than ever before, so there are lots of ways to grow and expand.

For a successful implementation of a Robotics Program on your school contact us to learn more about Skriware and the costs. Contact our team from Skillz Middle East.

Are you running a successful Robotics Program? Share your experience with your peers, use our commenting section below.


5 Steps To Starting a Robotics Program at Your School [Infographic]
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