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Retail and in-store customer service can be seen as twin kids. Both go everywhere together and if not it is questionable if they are successful independent. Citrix has taken a look how IT can help to improve customer service in stores based on an IHL study back in 2017.

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Attract and serve customers where they are – from where you are – with Citrix. The future of retail has received a lot of bad press, but the facts paint a different picture. Instead of shying away from retail stores, customer grave more digitally integrated shopping experience. An IHL Group survey from 2017 shows how retail stores have an opportunity to truly WOW their customers. In the first three-quarters of 2017 US retail sales was up by $ 142B.

Citrix put an infographic together which highlights all possibilities how IT can help to increase the in-store customer service. Like in the purely digital world the real world does not show a lot of difference.

Show your customers you’re listening

Before you can exceed customer expectations your organization needs to refocus on proving a seamless digital experience – both online and in stores. Online sales are up – 16% and are responsible for 29% of retail growth.

78% of survey respondents said unified commerce experience is poor or has room for improvement.

Retailers that add capabilities to their data center infrastructures – or expand info cloud environments – can capitalize on this online growth and provide better customer service across all sales channels.

Only 59% of the surveyed said they provide WiFi access to sites beyond their own website, despite the need for better in-store connectivity. That means shoppers don’t have the opportunity to connect to their favorite social media sites.

Unfortunately, the lack of reliable connectivity affects business decisions and employee training.

  • 55% of respondents said concerns about network availability impact moving in-store apps to the cloud
  • 47% of respondents said that today’s average in-store bandwidth is either less than adequate or adequate only for the time being
  • 66% of respondents said lack of bandwidth sometimes effects or does indeed affect the ability to use modern staff training mechanics such as streaming video

Deliver a better customer experience

You can capitalize on these expectations and rise above other retailers by creating a more holistic customer experience throughout the sales process. Citrix offers to help you do that by enabling you to focus IT efforts on improving the customer’s value chain.

  1. Provide headquarters employees, store associates, and remote staff and contractors with secure mobile access to apps and data anywhere at any time from any device.
  2. Provide headquarters employees, store associates, and remote staff and contractors with secure mobile access to apps and data anywhere at any time from any device.
  3. Ensure availability and performance of crucial retail apps online, in-store, and at disparate locations.
  4. Meet PCI Security standards, and protect customer data captured on any device.

If you want to enhance your in-store customer service with the proper IT usage bookmark the infographic and visit CITRIX page for my help in successful customer experience in retail 

Share your thoughts in our commenting section below how your retail experience can be enhanced. Would you share your shopping experience on social media with your friends and showcase photos immediate?

Infographic enahnce in-store customer service in retail with IT

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