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Who doesn’t like more traffic? If you are stuck in traffic that’s the last thing you want but I am talking about the other kind of traffic, let’s look today into Explosive Tactics to successful Increase Website Traffic. One that makes you smile, makes you happy and maybe even a tiny bit proud.

The team of 9 to 5 put a nice infographic together, 40 Explosive Tactics to Increase Website Traffic. So how to get more traffic?

So how to get more traffic? SEO and organic traffic is one way of course but what about 40 other explosive tactics that can light your website on fire, I mean red hot, not literally on fire. Here are the tactics to increase website traffic from the pros:

Rand Fishkin – Rand stands for ‘R’esearch and ‘D’evelopment in SEO at Moz

Rand tells us that communication with our audience is key, which I totally agree with him. Utilize Social Media and blogs to start conversations. Like always engaging images and photos are attracting your audience and keyword mining can help

Neil Patel – SEO expert, Infographic genius, and traffic magnet from QuickSprout

Neil for sure is one of the leaders on the market when it comes audience generation. He loves Infographics like we do, and sees the quantity of content to raise the bar. Target trending content makes it to the point. Teaming with your counterparts can only be beneficial.

Corbett Barr – Think Traffic, think Corbett Bar. “SEO basics take an hour to learn and a lifetime to master” – Corbett Barr.

Corbett compared to Neil recommends us to write about something nobody else is doing. Honor your audience which is loyal to you and subscribed. Guest blogging and borrowing something can help to attract your audience.

Ana Hofmann – You probably know which café serves the best latte in town, but do you know which café can get you a latte and some traffic – TrafficGenerationCafe of course. Oh and they do serve skinny.

Ana sees the hype on sports-related information as a good vehicle to jump on. Try to build sports-related information into your content. Excite people by putting a series together which brings your guests back, they need to be excited to read the next part of the story. Invest into widgets and plug-ins which make you stand out from the crowd.

40 Explosive Tactics to Increase Website Traffic is a lot which you can really benefit from.

As you can see some of the experts are using tactics that are exactly 360 degrees opposite of each other. Never the less don’t forget, these experts are successful on their topic and the way they make it work.

Let us know which of the tactics you tried, which ones worked for you, and where the success was for you to Increase Website Traffic. Join the conversation below and leave a comment.


40 Explosive Tips to Increase Website Traffic
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