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A good fisherman knows how to find the fish. He is following the crowd of birds flying over the ocean. You are an event organizer or marketing person of a company just about to organize an event. Your booth is beautiful branded and inviting. You’ve been making the networking rounds. You have awesome swag to give away. So where are the bites? Are Tech buyers easy to catch?

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Dieter Hovorka

CTO, Co-founder, Skillz Middle East

Reading through two studies conducted by UBM, Content Connects: How to Deliver the Right Messages at the Right Time and 2017 Tech Event Marketing Insights, your content is king when it comes to present your event which you might not have expected.

The audience looked into during the studies was focused on IT buyers specifically, but the findings are representative of many event marketers. MarketingProfs partnered with UBM to create an infographic that highlights many of those findings.

It’s not enough to have a shining star with the event itself if nobody knows about it

Let’s look quickly into some of the findings of the infographic.

• Yes, as I pray every day, content is the No. 1 contributor to an overall good event experience for IT buyers

• One of the top reason for being deterred from engaging with a vendor is that the vendor has too much of a sales pitch

• Four out of five IT buyers say they are more likely to visit a booth if they have heard of, read about, or connected with an exhibitor before an event

• Over 75% of all said it would be useful to have a post-event summary to follow up

To learn more how Tech buyers and IT buyers experience an event and expect to engage and get more useful event tips in general. Let us know your experience of pre-and post-event activities you did and which worked and which not, use the comments below to let us know.

Tech Buyers and Events

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