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Read Today about the findings from the London Research and Adobe conducted research on the Digital Enrolment Experience with Online Forms and e-Signature Technology usage and integration. 

What is digital enrolment? Digital enrolment is the process of signing up or applying for a service through digital channels. It’s when a prospect becomes a customer.

These tools don’t just apply to new customers. The most relevant digital enrolment use cases were:

  • 84% Signing contracts with partners and customers
  • 69% Booking appointments
  • 70% Online onboarding of new employees 
  • 71% Form applications from existing customers
  • 71% Form applications from prospective customers
  • 75% Online onboarding of customers
  • 76% of People registering to access content

The main benefits of digital enrolment

The principal benefits seen by organizations that have digitized their enrolment processes are:

  • Improved completion rates
  • Shorter onboarding times
  • Increased efficiency
  • Improved customer satisfaction

Digitizing enrolment also speeds up internal processes – companies finder it is far quicker to create online forms than paper ones.

Investitionsbank Berlin cut the time required to create a form from half a day to 5 minutes by establishing a library of components that can be dragged and dropped to create a new report.

Over 40% of adults start a journey on one device and finish on another – Source: Econsultancy 



The importance of enrolment in digital transformation

The top three business priorities for responding customers were: 

1. Improved customer satisfaction, engagement, and experience
2. Accelerated digital transformation
3. Operational and IT efficiencies/reduced costs

The top three challenges businesses face were: 

1. Lack of data and insights to improve customer journeys and experiences
2. Digital disruption
3. Use of legacy technology leading to a poor end-user experience

Wondershare OrgCharting

Automation in action

Automated signing and approvals are used for customer enrolment, contracts, and agreements by 59% of respondents.
This shows that organizations see the potential of online form and e-signature technologies across their whole business, rather than just for the marketing or sales teams.

This view is backed up by other results from the survey, such as:

97% of respondents are using some form of online form technology.
77% of respondents are using electronic signatures.
Responsibility for digital enrolment sits either with the CIO/CTO or someone with a strategic view of the business (CEO or CFO).

Technology and integration

Main benefits of integrated online form and e-signature technology: 

  • 57% Greater productivity 
  • 56% Risk management/ legal safeguards
  • 55% Better experience and reduced friction for customers

Most important capabilities of a digital enrolment solution: 

  • 53% Analytics/ data insights
  • 52% Frictionless experience across devices
  • 51% Workflow automation 


Understand the benefits bringing forms and signatures online will have for the entire business, not just an individual department. Make sure the capabilities of your chosen online form and e-signature technologies match requirements across the organization. Give responsibility for the technologies to someone with a strategic overview of the business.


This research was conduct by London Research and Adobe. Having looked into digital enrolment there is one remaining question which Adobe can answer with its in-house solution Adobe Sign. Adobe Sign is a digital signature service solution that helps organizations to close the cycle in digital enrolment and implement a legal solution for signing forms and applications. This closes the cycle of digital transformation when it comes to enrolment processes. Recently we also look into the total economic impact of Adobe Sign with Forrester.

The Digital Enrolment Experience Infographics
Working 7 years with Adobe I was always inspired by my creative co-workers and the endless possibilities of Adobe products. Photoshop had an amazing impact in human life.
Dieter Hovorka

CTO, Co-founder, Skillz Middle East

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