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Daily Habits of successful entrepreneurs

If we look at all the successful entrepreneurs we know like Bill Gates, Richard Branson, or Mark Zuckerberg, they have all one thing in common which we can learn from them. Life balance is key and this can turn into habits that help Entrepreneurs succeed. Read today how you can adopt these habits for your success.

Success can be hard to come by. In addition to a great work ethic and a good idea, you have to be able to work hard and sometimes long hours to get the job done. Being in the right mindset for this work makes the difference between someone who succeeds and someone who doesn’t.

Though it might seem superhuman to be able to juggle the demands of a new business with the social and emotional needs of everyday life, the CEOs who head successful companies are people just like us.

To get to the bottom of what makes CEOs so able to seemingly do it all, we asked successful entrepreneurs about the daily habits that help them thrive.

Read Books

There are many proven benefits to being an avid reader. Reading non-fiction books about your field can help sharpen your business prowess, yes, but you don’t have to be quite so literal.

“‘Classic’ – a book which people praise and don’t read.” – Mark Twain

Reading is a great way to exercise your brain so you can always stay alert and creative. Plus, reading books is a great way to take time away from your phone and focus on something relaxing and inspiring.

Write a Journal

Journaling is a great practice for anyone to adopt — but especially those heading a company. Journaling can help you work through your emotions and decrease stress. Plus, journaling can help detox and relax when you’re feeling overwhelmed or overworked. Beyond the mental health benefits of journaling, however, writing down your plans and goals can also help you make sense of your to-do list and start getting things done. Journaling a little bit before bed or in the mornings is a good practice for an entrepreneur.

Go At Your Own Pace

Time management is an extremely important skill for CEOs to have. It’s important to keep in mind that cramming as many meetings and deadlines as possible into one workday can have serious side effects.

“The question I ask myself almost every day is, ‘Am I doing the most important thing I could be doing?” – Mark Zuckerberg, Founder, and CEO of Facebook

Not only can this make you more stressed and overwhelmed, but it can also affect the quality of your work in a negative way. Pacing yourself means paying attention to what your mind and body need, and spacing out your tasks to do everything right.


Spending time looking at screens — computer, television or phone — seems to come with the job for CEOs. However, spending hours per day online has been linked to depression and anxiety.

A successful CEO knows when to step away from email and social media accounts for some much-needed downtime. This can help prevent you from becoming overwhelmed or depressed by looking at your phone too much. Recharging your mind makes entrepreneurs succeed.

Final Thought

Earlier in our blog, we have been writing about Bill Gates ‘Think Week’ where we could learn how to increase our productivity and energy to progress new ideas. Successful entrepreneurs are the motor of today’s economy. They inspire thousands of people to reach for the stars and bring the best out of themselves. Motivation is the key to success and health, by motivating yourself every day you can achieve your goals in life.

For more insights from the business experts, check out the following infographic from Thimble on business tips from the pros, how small habits can help entrepreneurs succeed in their goals.

Infographic The Habits That Help Entrepreneurs Succeed
Emily is a content marketing specialist for SiegeMedia based out of San Diego, California. She has extensive experience in branding, marketing, leadership, design, and writing.
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