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We have fresh ideas for an Email Marketer, how to increase email open and click-through rates. Since Email Marketing is one of the best digital marketing methods we can’t share not enough writing about it. The today’s infographic highlights possibilities how to increase open and click-through rates in emails.

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Did you know…? Your email subscribers are being bombarded with information every day. Roughly 269 billion business and consumer emails were sent and received every day in 2017 and that number is expected to grow at a rate of 4.4% over the next 4 years. That’s a whopping 319.6 billion daily emails by 2021! That means as an Email Marketer you need to make your emails to stand out. That starts with understanding what your email subscribers want and need from you, the Email Marketer.

Are marketers and subscribers on the same page?

For an email marketer and email is all about ROI, open and click-through rates, low unsubscribe rates, growing a subscriber base, improve the customer touchpoint and see conversions happening. Sounds understandable and not unrealistic. But for your subscriber an email us all about discounts, visually pleasing design, exclusivity, personalization and hassle-free experience. So the big difference comes with a gap between your desires as an Email Marketer and the needs of your subscribers.

Closing this gap will have a powerful impact on your open rate, click-throughs, and conversion rate. The infographic below by email design and HTML-coding company EmailMonks offers seven ideas on some simple, often-overlooked parts of your email to review to make sure you’re following best-practices.

The world of lost identity

The graphic points it out. Who wants to read a message which comes from no*****@co*****.com? Yes, you agree, nobody really. Identity is already half of the rent. Using email marketing automation always lets us forget that we talk to humans and not robots. A consistent, recognizable “FROM name” in your emails get personal, builds a relationship with your subscribers and ultimately improves open rates.

I personally guarantee you I look into two elements when I screen my inbox. Is my personal email address visible, is the “FROM address” filled with a person name or company name? And the last thing I check is where is the unsubscribe on the bottom of the email? If I find unsubscribe I will do this immediately, if not the email lands unread and unopened in my trash.

Persuasive Subject line

A debate is for sure always the subject line. What is the killer statement which lets people open the email? No aggressive wordings and misleading subjects lines are outdated, unsubscribe is going to be the winner.

35% of recipients open an email based on the subject line alone, so crafting a stellar subject line is important.

Here are a view things to keep in mind when crafting a compelling subject line. Dos: Write short subject lines, statistics proof 54% of emails are opened on mobile devices which only fit for 4-7 words across the screen. Use titles which are relevant for your consumer and the email itself. Personalize the subject lines, 26% of all subscribers more likely open personalized emails. Add emojis to draw attention. DON’t: Use a misleading subject line or spammy words to attempt to grab attention.

List Segmentation

A suite does not fit all, why would an email do? Addressing the audience wrong by offering things which are not relevant is a killer. The graphic shows stats and ideas what to look into.

Moreover, the graphic illustrates some stats to personalization and why marketers are keen on using it. A topic which still is recognized as one of the key success factors is email frequency and send time. Here you can get some fresh ideas from the graphic related to the audience.

In personalization we can learn, the majority of our consumer wants be addressed by the first name which makes them feel cozy. Having audience details like birthday give you the great opportunity to make them feel special. Who does not like to hear words like “Happy Birthday” and having a great special offer for me in hand?

Let’s not forget about our conversion. A compelling call-for-action brings the deal or breaks the deal. Here you can find the tips what does work and what does not work. How is your email marketing agenda, are you on the same page with your subscribers? Share your experience with your peers, use our commenting section below.

7 Tips for Email Marketer to Increase Email Open and Click-through Rates [Infographic]

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