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To have better writing skills and writing faster would be marketers and content creators have various options for getting more work done. Unfortunately, adding extra hours to a day requires tweaking some complex laws of physics and time, and hiring more people isn’t always in the budget.

“I know what you did in your last Marketing campaign, do you?”

Jalena Pineda

Business Development Manager, Skillz Middle East

How fun is it to have tips writing faster when you are expected to write with full structure, perfection and defeating distractions?

Custom Writing, today is imparting tips that could nourish our writing aspirations efficiently with less time. and it comes in—with tips on how to help you get at least one of your jobs done faster: writing.

One the main themes in the graphic list are to silence your inner editor. Save the proofreading, revising, and formatting for the end, the infographic suggests.

If you’re really serious about getting work done – or desperate to hit a deadline – the graphic offers a tip:

Give a friend or coworker 20 dollar. You get it back only if you finish on time. Hope you’re having fun with tips writing faster.

And if you’re competitive, make it fun. Play typing games to increase your word-per-minute rate, or find a writing buddy and see who can finish first. Of course, quality counts, too!


15 Tips Writing Faster and Become a Better Writer in No Time

Writing fast is certainly a skill that everyone should master. Especially if you’re a student.

Why not?

Fast writing means that your thinking process is also quick – or at least that you’ve planned out everything you wanted to talk about beforehand. Which is also a good thing.

But there’s actually more to being able to write fast than you might think at first. There are quite a lot of components that can influence this skill. And if you think that’s bad news—it’s actually not. It only means that there are plenty of ways and possibilities for you to master the art of fast writing.

And you know what?

Today you’re going to find out exactly how to do it. We’ve put together an infographic that shows 15 ways to write faster. How cool is that? Some of the ways might actually surprise you. For instance, did you know that you can improve your typing speed simply by playing a game?

Here’s another unexpected tip: short physical activity sessions can help increase your productivity. Therefore, you’ll be able to write faster. So if you feel like you’re getting stuck and can’t squeeze a single word out of your head – just move around a little bit!

As you can see, fast writing is not only about the speed at which you type your text.It’s also about your mindset and finding harmony between your thoughts and your body.

Achieving the harmony may seem difficult at first. But once you start trying, you’ll understand that it’s not actually that big of a challenge, especially with so many options available for you to choose from. So, apart from mastering the skill of fast writing, you’ll actually learn a lot, too. 

Are you ready to become a better writer? And see how you can write faster? then check out all “15 tips Writing Faster [Infographic]” below.

Hope you enjoy “15 Tips Writing Faster” that we shared with you today!

15 Tips Writing Faster [Infographic]

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