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We spend a lot of time in our workplace and we might experience stress and pressure over many days. It is a good idea to invest a little time to understand how can set up our workspace Maximum Productivity. Read Today’s infographic “What you need to know to be productive at Work”.

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Life balance is nowadays getting more and more important. Nevertheless, we can see that sometimes we still feel unproductive for a day (or week or year). If you come into this situation the infographic by Davitt Corporate Psychology may help. You can find in the infographic ways that your workspace can be set up to help maximize your productivity. Maximum Productivity is key for successful people across all industries to set-off against the competition.

The design of your workspace can have a major impact on your levels of productivity at work. It has the potential to increase your work output or hinder it. Find out what is the key to a productive workspace.

What the Studies Tell Us

Noise Levels 

In a study published by Cornell University, researchers reported finding higher levels of adrenalin in workers who went exposed to low levels of noise. When compared to workers exposed to no noise. This indicated workers exposed to noise were under a higher level of stress.

Music a good idea or a bad idea? 

Studies have shown that music can decrease productivity when a worker is conducting a task that required. But when it’s a task a worker performance on a regular basis music can actually increase concentration.


According to studies, a dimmer environment fosters superior creativity in terms of idea generation. While brighter light levels are seen to be more conducive to analytical and evaluative thinking.


Research has found that when a worker is comfortable and safe, they are more productive. When employees sit up straight and type, they think more clearly and have a higher work output than an employee who sits slumped over his or her keyboard.

Color Therapy 

The color of an office’s walls, floors, and furniture can influence how workers perform, according to experts. For example; Exposure to the colors blue and green has been shown to enhance performance on tasks that require generating new ideas.  The color red has been linked with superior performance on tasks involving attention to detail.

To increase your, comfort, productivity, and output, check out the full graphic, Maximum Productivity – “What you need to know to be productive at Work”. Share with us what helped your productivity, is it the right food, smoking brake, fitness before office? Use our commenting section below to exchange ideas with your peers.

Today Maximum Productivity: What you need to know [Infographic]

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