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Website Promotion starts with the thought around affordable SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization or search engine optimization. These are techniques and strategies that you can use to make your website or web shop rank higher by search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and many others.

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Dieter Hovorka

CTO, Co-founder, Skillz Middle East

In order to score well in the search results, it is important that your website meets a few guidelines. That is why I have chosen one of the three most important tips for further explanation.

I have repeatedly addressed the topic of promoting websites and strengthening their popularity. But the importance of this topic forces to return to it again.

Every day on the Internet there are hundreds and thousands of new resources, one of which is destined to have a long and successful life, while others – the premature closure or dull stagnation with miserable units of visitors per month.

If we say it’s a fresh website, it is young, the site is one that exists for less than six months and is in the initial stage of promotion. Depending on the stage at which it is located, various measures need to be taken. You striked with the ultimate user experience and now it is about time to get popular.

Then I will tell you what these measures are and when they should be done.

Unique Content

The most important thing is the elimination of duplicate and non-unique content from the site. It is necessary to attend to this at the time of its design and the initial selection of content. Such critically important search engines like Yandex and Google absolutely do not like to index non-unique pages. The optimization of literally every page is important.

Title Page and Title Tags

Next, I can recommend making unique title tags on each page, with well-optimized tags. Keywords should cover as wide as possible the area to which the subject of the site. For your website promotion, it is essential to show now your most important products, services or brand identity.

Backlinks and Keywords

I can also confirm the judgment of many experts about backlinks leading to your site. Such links should lead to resources of similar subjects (or at least just strictly to those given in the description of the link). The qualification of backlinks is more significant than their number. Sometimes a link to a reliable and decent site will be more useful than twenty is not clear where.

Among other important points to which I would like to draw special attention is the need to diversify the sources to which you refer and the types of links (bezankorny links, however, are considered the most secure), to ensure continuous dynamic growth of backlinks.

I also think that it would be nice to take into account the strengths and weaknesses of rivals in the market. It is very useful to understand how and what they are done, and how this or that action brings results. In particular, which sources for backlinks are applied, on what kind of sources, what type of links are put. Such work is carried out with the entire top ten sites leading in attendance, or even a few large numbers of them.

As is the case with the placement of content and the arrangement of their backlinks, the links of the competitors’ sites should also be under close observation, all of a sudden they found some new effective method of promotion. The same applies to the keywords of sites, their informational stuffing, channels for obtaining information and geographic location of the main audience.

Social and the voice of your audience

Move through the social. Networks are best served through content and interaction. The first option is also easier. Approval, voices, comments, and reposts of the materials that lead to the domain, and not to what is published in the social. networks.

Clean Up Errors

It is worth noting that verification and elimination of errors with the help of Screaming Frog, similar to Google and Yandex services, are absolutely necessary. Errors and interruptions in normal operation can alienate visitors even from a very good site.

Conclusion about your Website Promotion

As I have been convinced over the past few years, sometimes adherence to the recommendations described above did not lead to success. All because the proper attention was not paid to the quality of the content, I sought to save on it. No matter how important search indexes are, human visits are key. And they will not appear if the content of the site is uninteresting, they are not referenced and are not divided into references to its existence.

As shown by a small study that I conducted recently, the interest in the resource is regularly and regularly updated with the materials posted on it. Even if the subject matter is completely monotonous, it is necessary to capture all the possibilities to put on the site such a publication that is highly relevant now or can get it in some perspective.

If you need help with your website promotion you should consider hiring an SEO expert. Nowadays the number of affordable SEO expert companies were there. For more information, you can check at Glamy SEO Service.

Website Promotion with SEO

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