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If your organization is using a corporate font you might be interested in the typography trends coming up this year. A font can be your corporate identity beyond colors and logos which your audience is recognizing easy. Let’s have a look at some Typography Trends of 2018.

Earlier in our Skillz Blog we have been looking into key typography terminology, today we want to explore an infographic by Web-design and marketing agency Branex looking into the coming up trends in 2018. There are more than 90,00 Typefaces with 43,037 Typefaces for the Web alone, as we can read in the infographic. There exist 25,000 font families, which all come together to a hand full important once. In 2017 Helvetica, Arial, and Georgia have been the most popular fonts for brands.

  • 61.5% of all websites use Serif for their body text.
  • The Serif font ‘Georgia’ is read 7.9% faster than the Sans serif font Helvetica.
  • A website is typically split into layout elements. 51% use sanserif for the headings.

But brands go back to make newer designs of fonts. looking into the trends in 2018 we can see the domination of Serifs. Furthermore, retro designs are making a comeback, according to the graphic. Big and Bold are will help brands to stay in the limelight. Text on multiple image overlays with the interesting background will become a norm in 2018. Make usage of your highlighter, because 2018 will be the year of highlights and underlines.

Handwritten style fonts will bask in the spotlight, especially for logo design.

Be prepared for multi-colored versions with analogous and complementary hues. In order to set themselves apart, companies will develop a custom font in-house. Colorful fonts will add a new dimension to typefaces, letting brands add their identity in their designs. Colorful backgrounds with transparent typefaces superimposed on them to add clarity and transparency in design. If you are trendsetter or trend follower depends if you want to try something new. In the Middle East, Grapheast Computers is known for font development since the late 80s. If you want to pimp up your corporate identity with an own font then get in contact with them. For more inspiration and some font style, examples see the full infographic below. Share with us if your homepage in our commenting section below if you have innovative use of a font on the web.  

Top 10 Typography Trends of 2018 [Infographic]
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