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Every marketer is struggling with the perfect PPC campaign, time to proof PPC Myths. SEMrush analyzed 8,000 e-commerce websites from 13 industries worldwide to define the main misconceptions standing between you and the perfect PPC campaign.

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Dieter Hovorka

CTO, Co-founder, Skillz Middle East

The US television show Myth Busters on Discovery Channel is one of my favorite shows when I travel to the US. This humorous series that seeks to find out which myths are true and which are not, is hilariously made. Time to proof some myths or not when it comes to digital marketing or let’s say Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing campaigns.

The best way to proof or destroy the PPC myths is by looking into data. This is exactly what SEMrush recently published in its Annual E-Commerce Study, which analyzed 8,000 e-commerce websites across 13 industries.

On the first look at the study results, we can recognize the SEMrush team members found that there are some major misconceptions about pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. In the infographic below they unveiled five PPC myths of false beliefs about PPC.

1. PPC budgets are huge in e-commerce. (Busted: in fact 50% 50% of e-commerce sites spend less than $1000 a month on PPC. The only exception is online fashion stores, with 37% of them spending over $50,000 on AdWords. These data prove that PPC can be done effectively even on a shoestring budget when managed smartly. What it takes are the right keywords, the right offer, and the right landing page. )

2. Aim for bigger discounts in your ads for better results. (OK, this myth was only partially busted. Discounts differ significantly depending on the e-commerce industry. In Health, the most popular discount is 5%, while in Books it’s 90%. The exact value of your discount should depend on the Industry you’re in, the product you’re selling and on how tough your competition is. Check out the infographic or report to see the recommendation for your industry.)

3. The desktop is dead for PPC. (PARTIALLY BUSTED: For markets like Children’s Products and Electronics, the desktop is still the most popular device type, with up to 26% of all ads being seen on a desktop. Other industries, such as Sports & Recreation, Books, and Clothing, tend to invest more generously in mobile ads – including both smartphones and tablets. )

4. All ads should contain a CTA. (TRULY BUSTED: Only 3 out of 10 most-used phrases in ads are CTAs. Among the most popular phrases used In ad campaigns, the majority has to do with price benefits – “free shipping”, “great deal”,
“lowest price” – or security benefits “official site”, “top brand”, “shipping return’)

In Fact only 30% of most used phrases are CTAs

5. PPC best-practices are similar for all industries. (BUSTED: Ad format, budget, ad texts, type of device – all these criteria vary from industry to industry. Clothing retailers tend to spend more money on PPC than any other vertical, Books and furniture retailers are more generous when it comes to discounts, Fashion and Furniture favor iPads over any other device. Competitive analysis Is crucial If you want to stay up to date on latest trends and best practices in your niche. )

All the data you can find in a nice prepared infographic which highlights all of them with their respective data behind there. How successful are you with your PPC marketing campaign? Can you confirm these PPC myths keeping you busy at night and away from sleeping? Join the conversation and us our commenting below.

Top PPC Myths For 2018 … Busted! [Infographic]

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