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Security first is always a splendid idea. Search Engines are ranking secured websites higher than online presence without SSL. Installing on your Website, a transparent SSL certificate is a thing you should consider.

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Back in 2017 Google pushed for more secure and performant web. One of the points of the initiative is to determinate if your website has installed an SSL certificate to secure the transmission of the HTTP protocol (HTTPs). This rewards Google with a higher score to rank better in search results.

Later in 2017 Chrome implemented an update which rewards websites with SSL implementation to be recognized as secured online presence versus a “not secure” website. You can image when your online sales store displays a “not secure” website the trust of your visitors will lower very quickly, which can impact negative sales.

Certificate transparency (Transparent SSL) is Google’s initiative to prevent misuses of trusted SSL certificates by hackers.

The infographic by Nibmus Hosting explains how important the new transparent SSL certificate initiative is for brands. Additionally, the graphic includes a flowchart that illustrates how transparent SSL works.

Having a website without a transparent SSL certificate by October 2017 can have negative impacts warns the infographic. We talked already about the aspect that Google Chrome will mark your website as “not secure.”. But also anyone could create a fake copy of your web store or website and hijack your visitors.

We don’t want to remember several also listed horror stories in the infographic. Most popular stories like Gmail attack on 300,000 users or Github blame in China.

In the graphic, you will also find a checklist which helps you to move to a secured website. The activity starts with the purchase of transparent SSL certificate and reminds on updating internal links if required.

Review the full infographic for all the details. Let us know if the graphic assisted you to overcome this task. Share your thoughts in the commenting below.

What Are Transparent SSL and HTTPS? And Why Should You Care?

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