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Knowing your consumers’ travel habits can help you better understand their buying and general lifestyle patterns as well. Undeniably, Travel as a Demographic indicator and Lifestyle is leading in the hospitality industry.

“I know what you did in your last Marketing campaign, do you?”

Jalena Pineda

Business Development Manager, Skillz Middle East

I travel a lot in my life because I love it. Seeing the world makes me feel excited to meet people and culture. But let’s be honest. Between a backpacking trip to Goa or India, a romantic weekend in Paris or a business trip to London the needs are different. Also over the years with my age, the needs envolved from being single to being married and being a mother. Hence I might have shifted my travel profile and of course, the location to travel is key depending what my plans are over there, we could call it Demographic Indicator. But let us have a little deeper look into our U.S. consumers and their travel habits.

You can pair location intelligence with geographic and demographic info to target your customer’s messages they want to see at the time when they need it. Yoy want to understand what I am talking about? Here’s an example:

Best Western visitors are more likely to be seniors, whereas Comfort Inn sleepers are more likely to be 25-34 years old, according to the infographic and statistics from a PlaceIQ study.

Knowing this information can enable you to target customers in a hyperlocal way in areas with a lot of loyalists to a certain hotel chain.

In the infographic, from a business perspective, several points are gauged. From what they wear, what they drive, there are differences between people who visit SFP and JFK besides their flight patterns which result into Demographic Indicator.

It is fair to believe location intelligence is a powerful tool for understanding travel preferences and predicting future visitation behaviors. After all, the places you go tell a story of who you are, from habits and brand preferences to buying patterns, all is like a web.

We know by now already that humans tend to be brand loyal. Identification is for us very important and we try to stay brand consistent. For marketers, this is getting really interesting where patterns and parallels are drawn across audiences and brands. By analyzing the travel and visitation patterns of consumers, marketers can understand how hospitality preferences also travel to general lifestyle patterns.

For sure you want to use location to enhance your next travel campaign.To learn more about how travel choices relate to demographics and lifestyle choices, see the infographic from PlaceIQ suggest below.

Travel as a Demographic indicator and Lifestyle [Infographic]

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