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Coming with Covid-19 worldwide offices closed down, more businesses have sent their employees home – some of them indefinitely. How did it change business, trust and life balance, did it improve the ability for CEOs trusting remote workers?

For a lot of organizations and people, this is a completely new field of work. Especially team leaders and managers ask themselves, can employees be trusted to do their work away from the office? Organizations which pay their employee based on bonus plans and commissions might not have this issue not trusting remote workers.

“If there is not trust, would you even care about hiring someone? Then why would it matter where they are when they do that job?” we can read in the infographic by design agency NowSourcing.

But let us have a look at studies and their numbers.

As of 2019, 1 in 10 Americans worked from home at least once per week. But, with COIVD-19 rapidly shutting down businesses across the world more workplaces are moving to home working.

The surprising fact is that the majority of remote workers increase their productivity and focus. Being home at the family reduces stress and gives better work-life balance, according to stats cited in an infographic compiled by NowSourcing for Online Psychology Degrees.

  • 91% experienced better work-life-balance
  • 79% increased their productivity and focus
  • 78% felt their stress reduced

Looking back to 2018 the pictures were still different,  only 57% of employees had the flexibility of working from home, 29% could work from home, 25% had the possibility of working sometimes from home.

But also employers see benefits, they report that employees are more flexible accepting a position offered with the ability to occasionally work from home.

“The coronavirus is going to be a tipping point. We plodded along at 10% growth for the last 10 years, but I foresee that this is going to really accelerate the trend,” stated Kate Lister, President of Global Workplace Analytics.

Also what can be seen for the employers that they have access to a large pool of talents, distance is not a problem anymore. Skills which are usually hard to find the area of your office location is now easy in access.

Further noticed benefits are the facts of lower overhead when it comes to employment, boosted morals (82% of remote workers feel more trusted by there employers), and increased productivity (a study back in 2019 showed a 15% increase).

Because of the coronavirus outbreak, 67% of employers are actively ensuring that jobs previously in-office are done from home.

Also in Havard Business Review enhanced productivity was a big topic. When asking the American workforce their opinion on how work shall look after the pandemic, 78% said they feel healthier working from home, and 53% mention that working from home has a positive impact in their life.

The infographic points out also problems which come along this new method of employment like lack of training which can harm daily works, and new processes which need to be created and maybe using new tools for productivity.

Read the infographic “Trusting Remote Workers: The New Normal”, which outlines the benefits of work-at-home to employers, as well, and lays out the case for relying on trust. Maybe you can get some ideas of clear guidelines and directions, but not micromanagement which gives your team the proper thrive to work remotely.

Trusting Remote Workers
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