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Just how can you adopt a mindset that helps you write efficiently? Break down a project into small steps, details below suggests, and set a timer. Could there still be a probability of taking advantage of productivity hacks to write faster and more efficient?

“I know what you did in your last Marketing campaign, do you?”
Jalena Pineda

Business Development Manager, Skillz Middle East

Productivity Hacks are in our fast pacing life essentials like bread and butter when it comes to writing, special if you do it on a regular base. Our today’s infographic is more of a ListoGraphic, but what better way to waste time than by admiring the charming hand-drawn images created by Enchanting Marketing? Luckily, the graphic lists 12 ways to stay focused and be more productive, so you won’t be sidetracked for too long.

For the longer term, consider making writing a routine so you exercise those creative muscles regularly. Take it like learning how to ride a bicycle, to more you do it, the better you get.

And who among us isn’t guilty of going down the occasional rabbit hole by pausing a project to research a specific piece of it? Rather than allowing that distraction, simply use a placeholder and come back to it later, the infographic recommends.

I love tip number one is something I could sign with my blood. I am usually a night owl, but when it comes to writing I am more productive early in the morning after a long night out or after I just came home.

Write when groggy. Research suggests we’re more creative when at our groggiest. Nightowl? Try writing early. Early bird?Try writing late.

In summary, it touches base on research which is important to understand the topic and reveal sources to gain your trust in your audience and also it mentions time management. Try to change your self-talk and put yourself into a commitment. Taking this challenge requires you do chop it into smaller pieces which are easier to handle than a big thing. Try to avoid yourself to get interrupted and if you write over days leave a bridge for tomorrow, not to forget that lousy drafts may still be worse looking into.

To achieve focused and become productive in your own writing, check out the delightfully drawn list of productivity hacks in writing:

12 Productivity Hacks to Write Faster [Infographic]

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