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podcast | Skillz Middle East
podcast | Skillz Middle East
10 Reasons why it might be time to upgrade to Digital Asset Management [Infographic]

File sharing, Network drives, external hard drives, USB sticks or simple digital libraries. Today’s data is challenging us when it comes to multimedia content to visualize our business story. The latest hype, cloud storage which enables you to gain access to your business assets anywhere at any time, but why is it time to upgrade to Digital Asset Management?

Skillz Middle East makes Digital Transformation happening for your company. We focus on the quick win to ensure Digital Marketing, e-learning, Web Meeting, Web Conferencing, Digital Signature, Digital Asset Management are ready to enhance your organization. Digital Marketing shall save money and bring a more efficient conversion for your brand and products.
Dieter Hovorka

CTO, Co-founder, Skillz Middle East

Digital Asset Management solutions bring a lot of advantages compared to cloud file storage solutions. The DAM vendor Asset Bank illustrates in an infographic the top 10 reasons why it is time to upgrade to a Digital Asset Management solution.

All features enable organizations to bring a unique ROI in a short period of time. Time-saving, productivity, brand identity, and optimized communication are only the tip of the iceberg of the advantages which your organization can gain by using digital asset management.

Organizations spend over 50 million USD in the Middle East per year on reproducing digital assets after they can not locate them anymore. 

Let’s have a look at how a DAM and a CLOUD FILE STORAGE compare:

A DAM helps you in your brand mission since participants can find easy the brand material they require. While in cloud storage standard look and feel from your provider with limited potential for branding.

Organizations are losing out when it comes to searching and finding the right brand material. With a digital asset management solution, you can search across thousands of assets instantly. Use advanced search to search across specific attributes, date ranges, etc. Cloud storage comes with free text search but quality varies from provider to provider.

Simple downloading an asset from a library does not fulfill always the job, as you do in a cloud file storage. A DAM allows you to resize, crop, mask or reformat images prior to download, and you can create presets for popular image sizes.

Set up unlimited user groups with different permission levels for uploading, viewing, downloading and editing assets are key requirements from organizations, DAM solutions support here. Cloud storages give you basic features like create folders with user permissions to view,  edit or comment.

To reach high identification in organizations and high user adoption, you can customize and configure a DAM to suit your organization including integration with other systems such as Office, Adobe and most CMS. Cloud storage has a limited possibility to tailor systems to your organizational needs. Integration with systems like Office and Salesforce is possible.

Nature shows the cloud file storage is most of the time only available over the cloud. DAM solutions offer hosting options in the cloud on private or shared servers, or on your own network.

Instant previews of all your assets including images, artwork files, and videos to help you identify the right file quickly. In most of the DAM solutions, you can also view formats which are not supported by any of you local installed viewer programs. In cloud storage solutions it is not possible with some providers. With some, you can view thumbnails prior download.

Reporting, Rights Management, and accelerated communication are key in our competitive world. DAM supports us in all aspects to protect our digital assets and lets us know how our audience is consuming them.

Share your experience with us. Let us know if you re ready to move towards a Digital Asset Management for your organization, contact us for a FREE DEMO account to test Asset Bank.

10 Reasons why it might be time to upgrade to Digital Asset Management...

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