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The words you see on the page are so much more than just letters. Like people, they have personalities, moods, styles, and even anatomical features! Here’s a quick overview of the Anatomy of Typography, different details and elements that makes up letters and their real-life counterparts.

I am living since over 10 years in the middle east. The challenge here is that computerized systems coming from America, Europe or Asia are not ready to support local Arabic writing out of the box. The keep the legacy of the heritage of the local language we seek for software vendors and suppliers which support Arabic writing in the computer industry. GraphEast Computers founded back in 1986 was one of the pioneers who worked on Arabic calligraphy and fonts for the publishing industry. Typography means more than just creating a font. GraphEast stands for more than creating a font for a certain purpose.

Typography in the computer industry is as old as the first Apple Computer came on the market. We know it all that Steve Jobs was the Visioneer thinking to have beautifully written computer interfaces and not the boring matric based character interface. As Steven Jobs dropped out of college he visited a calligraphy class which we could call today the father of computer-based typeface font.

Anatomy of Typography is just like in real life, letters can have shoulders, hands, legs and more can be found in the design of fonts and characters.

But did you know that all the design, style of any font has its root from actual real-life counterparts like elements from human, things like bowls and glasses or even animals?

Let’s have a look at some samples, did you know that some letters, such as capitalized K and R have legs, whereas others, such as lowercase N and M come with shoulders? In other typefaces we can find ears – for example, hat little stroke that extends outward from the top of lowercased G, we can find frequently and the S has a spine, which connects the top to the bottom on the inside of the letter.

Fonts is art and we can see this here very clear. The Anatomy of Typography a little more explained in today’s infographic made on Visme below. Check it out and let us know what else you have found in your favorite font, leave a comment below.


A Visual Guide to the Anatomy of Typography
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