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Webinars vs. Podcasts

Content marketing is more essential than ever before, while webinars and podcasts can be effective ways to engage audiences, though each format has pros and cons that can make it better or worse suited to specific situations. However, keep in mind, audiovisual content is leading when it comes to conversion so let’s have a look Webinars vs Podcasts.

Webinars and podcasts are both becoming popular ways for brands to connect with their audiences. They both serve as effective ways to communicate valuable information to your customers in a short span of time.

But which one is better? Let’s try to understand.


52% of respondents in a survey said that they planned to increase the number of webinars they are creating in 2020.

They see the benefit in webinars like it makes things easier to remember, leverage audiovisual content for better visualization, and have more interaction with the audience in real-time. Furthermore, it is possible to pre-record webinars and schedule them regularly. The ratio between registration is attendees are seen by 55% quite high.

On the cons side, it is time-consuming to prepare a webinar and attendees can not skip through sections or fast forward webinars.


70% of Americans are familiar with podcasts which gives the medium a high widespread recognition.

Also, the study said 51% of Americans listen to podcasts regularly, and 85% of them use to listen to podcasts on the move or while driving a car. Podcasts can generate leads constantly since they are not limited to a fixed time. Creating a podcast does not require a lot of equipment and post-editing is good to polish them, unlikely like webinars which broadcast live.

On the cons side, people can not interact while listening to the podcast. Due to the missing visual presentation, the communication form is maybe not so efficient. The audience may not be as targeted as that of a webinar. Listeners are maybe no paying as much attention as they should since they are making tasks on the side.

Our Skillz Middle East podcast covers many of our blogs as a podcast. They can be reached over various channels like Spotify, iTunes, castbox, iHeart Radio, or also on TuneIn. If you don’t use any of those you can also look at our own Skillz Middle East podcast link.

The infographic from webinar software provider FLOW summarizes all results of the pros and cons of Webinars vs Podcasts format and delves into what they mean for marketers.

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Dieter Hovorka

CTO, Co-founder, Skillz Middle East

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