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The average inbox contains 200 emails. With 4.3 billion email users, that means there are 808 billion emails sat in inboxes at any one time. You agreed that your email needs to stand out. Read more insides on why email marketing in 2021 is important. 

We can see that over 50% of the world population is using email as a communication tool. Also in 2021, email marketing is one of the cheapest marketing channels. We can equally say it’s used in the B2C and B2B segments of businesses. While 59% of customers say that a marketing email influenced their purchasing decision, 50% state that they at least once a month buys from a marketing email. 87% of organizations and companies claim to distribute their content via email. To measure content performance more than 90% of organizations use the email channel.

49.6% of organizations want to send more emails to their clients than before, only 12.6% want to reduce the number of emails they send out. 

When it comes to performance we look into three values: high opening rate, how many emails send have been opened by my audience; high click-through-rate, which indicates that people click on call-for-action items in my email and a low bounce rate, which means emails which had been returned without reaching my client.

Quick facts

  • Emails under 200 words long are most likely to be engaged with
  • 14.8% of all emails go missing or are caught by spam filters
  • Abandoned cart emails have 3x greater conversion rate than automated emails
  • It’ll be worth it. With an ROI of 4400%, every $1 you spend on email marketing could make you $44.

When it comes to the success of the email opening rate we can see the success of welcome emails with an 82% opening rate. Automated emails which are sent after a user activity (through a trigger event) receive a 44% opening rate. Autoresponders, Newsletter, or RSS emails receive low opening rates like 30%.

In the Infographic some more insides are given on formating elements, for example by using header elements, graphical images, or emojis in the subject line, which can boost the success of your email.

It is no secret that personalized emails reflecting the name of the recipient have higher opening rates than not personailzied emails.

When it comes to success in various industries we can see that nonprofit organizations achieve good opening rates, also home and building services and art, culture and entertainment. When it comes to bounce rate we can see that retail emails have the lowest rate and fitness/nutritional services shine also with a low bounce rate. Professional services, salon, spa, barber, consultant, and training experience the highest bounce rate.

To round up the insides of email marketing here are a couple of Do’s and Don’ts.


  • Personalize your subject lines
  • Send your email at the time most people buy your products
  • Use clear CTAs right at the beginning of your email
  • Write for mobile-first and keep it short – use less text and clear headings


  • Use clickbait headlines-the body of what you’re saying should be enough to get the click
  • Forget your TOV-sounding like someone else can put you at risk of looking scammy
  • Ignore your results – use different metrics to measure how your email marketing performs to improve every time

Read the full report on why is email marketing in 2021 important,

Email Marketing Infographic
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