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Why Website Load Time Matters in 2020

It is not new and no secret that proper website load time can increase your traffic and ranking on Google Search. Marketers did also realize the fact that a speedy website matters. But just how important is site load time in 2020?

The World Wide Web is over 30 years old. Websites got over time many features and functions and became from looking like a matrix game into a realistic photographic presentation of a business and its products. Of course, all of this requires data and data transmission depends on the connectivity to the internet a potential client can achieve.

Up until now, in 2020 we can experience many websites that don’t perform well. Technology allows us also to load high-resolution graphics fast without losing their quality.

The Infographic from WebsiteBuilderExpert explains well the background why website speed matters and why it is important for business?

  • One-fourth of Internet users say they would abandon a site that takes more than four seconds to load.
  • 46% say they don’t revisit poor-performing sites.
  • Even a one-second delay reduces customer satisfaction by 16%.
  • 64% of shoppers dissatisfied with their site visit, will shop somewhere else next time.

In other words, having a fast-loading website is really, really important.

Technical dependencies are also effecting the ranking in search engines.

BOUNCE RATES: Every second of loading time can have a huge impact on website load time and convert a site visitor to a happy loyal customer.

Mobile vs Desktop browsing

Over the span of the last year’s mobile devices conquered the race to be the most popular internet browsing equipment for users of all ages and genders. This translates into the numbers and statistics.

  • In 2019, the worldwide mobile population amounted to 4 billion unique users
  • Mobile internet traffic makes up 50.44% of total online traffic
  • 96% of US citizens own mobile devices
  • Of these, 81% own smartphones
  • About a quarter of the U.S. adults says they are “almost constantly” online

The Desktop User

The statistics of 900 billion web visits in 2018 shows us a clear picture

  • Desktop makes up 42% of website visits
  • The bounce rate is 32.6% of all site visitors
  • 57.7% page views per visit

Mobile Device User

  • The share of mobile device users roses with 58% of all website visitors
  • Their high bounce rates go up to 67.4%
  • 42.3% page views per visit

What does mobile device visitors most interest while surfing the web? Over 60% look for pets and animals or food and drink information. Cars and vehicles are on the hit list nearly equal to searching for telecommunications and internet information.

Taking a look into the bounce rates categorized by industries it is giving a clear picture. When people want to reach information on health they expect a quick answer and have quick results on the information. The infographic we can see that mobile devices users have on average a 40% bounce rate across all industries.

How does it impact the business?

  • 88% of internet users choose online retailers that deliver a high-performance website experience
  • $18 billion is lost annually because users abandon shopping carts
  • Customers remember online loading times as being 35% longer than they actually are

Here follows the ultimate test, by a 0.1 second natural improved mobile site speed improvement …

  • Retail conversion increased by 8.4%
  • Average order value increased by 92.%
  • Luxury brand page views per session increased by 8.6%

Is this not worth taking a close look at your website speed with some experts? Contact our Skillz Middle East team to improve your website speed today and make your online business stand out.

Can speed build customer loyalty?

  • 14% of customers will begin shopping on another site if they have to wait for a page to load
  • 18% of shoppers will abandon their shopping cart if pages are to low
  • 46% of online buyers say checkout speed ist the #1 factor that decides if they will return to a site
  • 51% of online shoppers in the US say that slites slowness is the top reason they’d abandon a purchase

The infographic shows some results from studies on large e-commerce sites like Amazon, Walmart, and Co. and how they would be affected by small speed changes in their website load time. These results of the studies might shock or surprise you.

Infographic Why Website Load Time Matters in 2020
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Dieter Hovorka

CTO, Co-founder, Skillz Middle East

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