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podcast | Skillz Middle East
How to Land a Job by Working with a Recruiter Virtually [Infographic]

Landing a job is tough in this competitive post-pandemic climate, and there are so many applicants competing against each other. Read today how you can manage a virtual job interview and how to work with a recruiter virtually the best way. 

Thankfully, working with a job recruiter can help you level up your search. Working with recruiters in the wake of COVID-19 is definitely different than it was before. The pandemic’s impact has affected businesses around the globe, and the norms of hiring and recruiting have changed.

Working with a recruiter can be a win-win situation that speeds up your job search if you approach it the correct way. Finding the right recruiter and maximizing your time working with one is a skill. However, if you know how to find a recruiter and maximize your time working with one, it can be a game-changer for your career. Try some of our strategies below to start receiving more responses from recruiters.

What are some of the perks of working with a recruiter virtually?

  • You can narrow down your job search and easily find roles matching your requirements.
  • You can instantly expand your job network depending on the recruiter’s connections.
  • You can save time in the job application process.

Keep in mind that recruiters have a vested interest in making sure a job is a good fit for you, but they aren’t career coaches. Most recruiters can’t help you unless you know your desired career path already. Rethink the idea of working with a recruiter if you’re still figuring out what your ideal job position would be.

Here are some ways to make sure working with a recruiter online goes smoothly:

1) Leverage your contacts

Reach out to personal and professional contacts – friends, family, previous employers, mentors, and your university alumni network. Maybe they can introduce you to any recruiters based on their experiences. Mutual connections help create a strong start in a recruiter relationship.

2) Assess recruiters using your own judgment

Even if someone is highly recommended, do your own research before you work with any recruiter. Realizing how recruiters find candidates can help you increase your chances of finding the right job quickly. Consider if the recruiter is organized and tech-savvy. Also, be sure the recruiter is professional, responsive, and makes sure he/she has your best interest in mind.

3) Keep in touch with recruiters on LinkedIn

Recruiters use LinkedIn to find candidates using keywords that relate to background information such as work history, job title, and university. Be sure your profile is helping them find you. Ask yourself:

  • Is my LinkedIn profile optimized with the right keywords?
  • Have I changed my LinkedIn settings to notify recruiters you’re open to opportunities?
  • Am I a member and active participant in LinkedIn Groups related to my industry?
  • Do I engage with industry leaders and the content they produce?
  • Are my skills section and endorsement section updated?

4) Find recruiters who understand your niche

Finding a recruiter who fully understands the nuances of your industry is time-consuming but worth it.

Working with a recruiter is a smart move for goal-oriented job seekers.

Some of the best recruiters tend to be niche, industry-focused recruiters. Remember, only working with non-specialized recruiters on Linkedin has limitations. Use recruiter directories that help you find skilled recruiters who understand your niche.

5) Maintain positive relationships with recruiters

Get in front of as many recruiters as possible to increase your chances of success. Remember, recruiters know you’re working with multiple different people, but don’t make it obvious. Avoid mistakes by using an organizational method to manage information about the recruiters you’re working with so you don’t mix them up.

Prove you remember small details about your interactions with your recruiters. This will help strengthen your relationship with every recruiter. 

As you navigate the competitive job market, working with a recruiter can help you level up your job search. If you’re new to working with recruiters, don’t be disappointed if your efforts aren’t paying off in the beginning. Foster personal recruiter relationships that go beyond the surface level, but realize it takes time.

In a recruiter relationship where you’re primarily judged by your online interactions, it’s worth it to be prompt and thoughtful with your communications. When you build professional relationships with recruiters, you’ll be amazed at how eager they’ll be to work with you.

Check out some tips from LiveCareer for successfully working with recruiters in an exclusively digital job search. Read the full infographic below and learn how you can successfully work with a recruiter virtually.

Infographic How to Land a Job by Working with a Recruiter Virtually
Gabrielle Gardiner is a Manhattan-based content creator who enjoys writing articles about professional development. She’s passionate about sharing her insights to empower people to thrive in their careers.
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