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A lot of marketers are suffering to get their PPC Ads really working. It is common that 1% conversion happens without people understanding how to increase these percentage. Maybe today’s infographic can help in overcoming this challenge.

In today’s infographic, we will review 1o essential tips which will help marketers to success with their PPC ads.

AdRepublic the UK based PPC Agency promises with the infographic below that you can improve your PPC Ads in 10 minutes. Here is a quick summary of the guide which they put together.

1) Keyword Rich & Creative Headlines

Get as much of your target keyword as possible, but utilize any remaining space. One of our target keywords is PPC Agency London, so we use headlines like this: Top PPC Agency in London

2) Benefits Before Features

It’s a well-known advertising concept but put benefits before features. Increase Your ROI within 24 hours. Get a FREE PPC in Audit Today! The benefit is the ROI increase, the feature is the audit itself.

3) The Use of Numbers

Include numbers in your ads to help them stand out and make them easier to read.

4) Extend Titles

Use punctuation at the end of Description Line 1. If your ad is in the top 3 positions, you’ll get an extended title.

5) Show off your Benefits

Emphasize the product/service benefits in the body of the advert. SAVE MONEY – SAVE TIME – QUICK & EASY

6) Include Your Features

Emphasize the product/service features in the body too.

7) Word Capitalisation

Capitalise the first letter of each major word, for a proper looking ad. Consider: 10 Tips for Writing PPC Ads v 10 tips for writing PPC ads.

8) Keyword Use Throughout the Ad

Try to use the keyword again Lines 1 or 2 for more Bold Words in the advert.

9) Call-to-Action

Finish the ad with a call-to-action, directing the user to do exactly what you want them to.

10) Ad Extensions

Use ad extensions such as Sitelinks and Location Extensions to make your ad bigger.

Learn how to write creative and effective PPC ad copy, with this handy guide outlining the “How To Write The Best PPC Ads [Infographic]” on Google Adwords. Join the conversation and leave your input below, which of this tips was the most useful for you? Use our commenting section below.

How To Write The Best PPC Ads [Infographic]
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