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2019 Surprising Statistics in Social Media [Infographic]

Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web in 1989. Social networking was born one day in 1971, when the first email was sent. The two computers were sitting right next to each other. The message said “qwertyuiop’. 2019 Surprising Statistics show who is in favor of the users on their Social Media Network.

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Dieter Hovorka

CTO, Co-founder, Skillz Middle East

In 1994, the first social networking site was created, Geocities. Geocities allowed the users to create and customize their own web sites, grouping them into different ‘cities’ based on the site’s content. The following year, launched to the public, giving users the ability to interact with people who have the same hobbies and interests and to publish their own content. 

A few years later, AOL Instant Messenger and launched in 1997. Instant messaging was born, giving users the freedom to chat with friends and create a profile. AOL was probably the true precursor to today’s social networking sites. 

New Millenium: New Era in Social Networking

The first modern social networking site that we define today is Friendster. It also uses the degree of separation concept similar to SixDegrees, but dubbed it ‘Circle of Friends’. Friendster was basically a dating site that wasn’t all about dating. In the first 3 months, Friendster was able to amass 3,000,000 users. Students and some small groups of people with shared interest had been using at this time social networks.

This was mostly because people didn’t understand how to monetize social networks and turn it into something with staying power. For proof, just ask people you know if they still have an account on Six Degrees, Friendster, or MySpace… exactly.

Welcome to 2019, the world of social networks has changed. 2019 Surprising Statistics in Social Media reveal it all, how users use and interact over social networks.

Today, social networks turned into social media and online time is a huge part of our lives. We use it, privately and for work, to connect with friends and family, learn about events happening in our area, buy and sell goods, start new relationships, review shops, and restaurants, and, most importantly, look at funny pictures of people with duck-faces.

Deep dive 2019 Social Media Usage

If you are in marketing and you would like to reach your audience, you need to understand how long your potential future clients are spending online on social networks. It is key to know on which social networks you can reach them easily and build your digital strategy around this findings.

If you try to ask your clients you might get some representative answers, but lucky wise we have other research companies who ask these questions for us. For example, consider these findings from the Pew Research Center.

We know we live in an era where 4 age groups are living and working together. Each of them has a preferred digital channel or offline channel to consume information, a challenge for us to build a proper social media marketing strategy. No surprise that the younger generation loves social media, we can see them spending 88% of their online time on a single social network.

So, as a marketer you most likely ask yourself, what is their favorite social network? Well, long live the king, Facebook still leads the pack, 74% of people online use Facebook, or shall we say Facebook did successfully win again in 2019?

The surprise goes to Snapchat on place #2 in 2019, gaining attention from 63% of all online users. 

People started already rumors in the middle of 2018 that Snapchat will not survive. The Snapchat fad could finally be over as millions of users keep ditching the app. Daily users have been falling consistently throughout 2018.

Facebook is currently the world’s biggest social media site, with over 2.23 billion users across the globe. But many believe that the platform is dying – ready to be replaced by a rising new generation of social media sites and apps that appeal to the needs of a younger generation. Many adults now use Facebook as a glorified address book, a means of keeping lines of communication open with distant family members and old school friends.

Our audience expectation did not change to the previous years. People want to to see from their loved brands the honest, friendly, helpful, funny, trendy, politically correct and snarky communication and information sharing. 

As a result, if you’re just starting out, then this should be your focus on social media: relating to people in a friendly way while also being as helpful as you can be. Where people mostly believe that Instagram is the #1 place to show your brand we got surprised. Instagram is not used as much as others, landed only on place number 4 behind Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

When talking about brands and social media, we tend to focus a lot on things such as reach and engagement. But taking here a look into the numbers leaves us again blindsided. In the Infographic below you can find more insights and stats on YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and Twitter. 

Facebook Is Where People Spend Most of Their Social Media Time

Facebook reaches approximately 97 percent of people between the ages of 18-34, and each person spends more than 1,000 minutes a month. The numbers have been put together from the social media users of the United States.

We can see a slight shift in other regions and countries. In Europa Facebook makes a good job and does not lose on popularity, a surprise is also the South American market where Facebook had a late entry. This means that there are lots of opportunities to interact with people on Facebook.

If you like to see a full detailed report the visit BroadbandSearch and read the article “50 Surprising Social Media Statistics In 2019”. A summary of the article is put together in the infographic below.

2019 Surprising Statistics in Social Media

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