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Who does not know that Instagram lives from great visuals? But marketers are challenged what to the actual post on Instagram? Since 2017 Videos are dominating the content in the social networks and on the internet. Read in today’s blog about 23 great Instagram Ideas what to the actual post.

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Dieter Hovorka

CTO, Co-founder, Skillz Middle East

What would social media marketing be without Instagram? Maybe not so colorful, does not engage, maybe not so shiny. But, every day the same question, what shall we create to be unique and engaging on our social networks. Instagram, has its own rules, filters, square images and photos, live videos and now stories. Creativity is a must to succeed the mission of followers and turn your Instagram into a money making e-commerce platform.

Is it a tiring mission for you? Consider the challenge has ended, with the below infographic by social media analytics platform Unmetric. you have now 23 great Instagram Ideas for content creation.

Instagram is the best visual presenter to make you shine bright, but also you can get forgotten fast if you don’t generate unique new content. 

The 23 ideas are a blessing to add variety to your posts and drive more engagement. Just to names some of the samples below.

• Who does not love rewards? One cosmetics brand recorded a 12% increase in audience size after running a giveaway.

• Wake the child in us with contests. Equal to say that sites with a contest increased engagement and sharing, retailers are lifting the bars for competitors.

• Hollywood for your products, spot on. Starbucks is the master at highlighting its products, so follow them for some inspiration.

• Create the Hyperlapse videos which attract. You have it all on your fingertip on your phone, new formats can put a fresh spin on otherwise boring videos and images.

• Behind the scene. Bring your audience ‘Behind the Scene’, they want to know what happens when they don’t look.

Now you have the basics, read more and see all 23 Instagram Ideas below in the infographic. Share with us your ideas, what does work for you, what does not work for you? Use the commenting below.

23 Instagram Ideas for Marketers Wondering What to Post

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