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5 Benefits of Power Napping at Work [Infographic]
5 Benefits of Power Napping at Work

Do you catch yourself falling asleep at work way too often? It’s not uncommon. For many of us, that wave of exhaustion hits us midday after lunch, usually sometime between two and three o’clock. Read today how power napping can improve your work productivity.

The time at which that wave of sleep hits is irrelevant, though. The fact is, you’re getting tired for a reason, and that’s because your body is craving a nap.

Unfortunately, most workplaces don’t advocate sleeping on the clock. Traditionally, the office is viewed as a place where you come to get work done and push yourself to grow professionally. While this still holds true today, research claims that getting in a little shuteye on your workday can increase productivity, which is why more companies are encouraging naps in the workplace.

For example, Ben & Jerry’s Vermont HQ provides beds and pillows for their employees, and Nike’s Oregon location offers quiet rooms where employees can nap and meditate when needed.

Getting in these power naps are essential to a happier workforce, but many businesses just aren’t there yet. That’s why it’s most likely up to you to find the time and place to get in a workplace nap.

So, what’s the best way to catch some winks while you’re at work? Here are five tips to help you out.

  1. Nap Early in the Afternoon: As mentioned, most people get drowsy around two or three. This is the prime time to get a 15–20 minute nap in. You’ll feel rejuvenated, and it won’t interfere with your sleep in the evening.
  2. Find an Ideal Location: Your office probably doesn’t have a designated sleeping area. For this reason, you may need to nap in your car or bring pillows to make your desk a bit comfier.
  3. Keep it Short: The sweet spot for power napping is anywhere between 10–26 minutes. Anything more and you’ll likely feel groggy for a while before feeling the benefits of that nap.
  4. Wear Comfy Work Attire: This may be a no-brainer, but comfy work attire will help you rest easy. Wearing a quality, fitted button-down shirt and comfy slacks is a great way to be office appropriate without compromising comfort and fit.
  5. Use Sleeping Apps: There’s a ton of sleeping apps out there that provide white noise, monitor your sleeping habits, and even offer meditation mixtapes. Take your pick and get to sleep!

You’re probably wondering in what ways sleep can really help you out, too. Here are the quick facts on what ways a power napping can improve your productivity in the workplace:

  • A 26-minute nap improves alertness by 54%…
  • … and boost your productivity and performance by 34%
  • A 10–20 minute nap also improves your mood and outlook on your workday
  • Better sleeping habits also prevent stress and susceptibility to conditions such as heart disease
  • Lastly, a quick nap can improve your attention span, making you more alert and focused when it counts

Your office may not be sleep-friendly, but you can still try these sleeping hacks on your own. Who knows? Maybe your manager will notice improvements in your work performance and inquire about your secret. To learn more about sleep in the workplace, check out the infographic below “Science-backed Benefits of Power Napping” from Tommy John.

Infographic 5 Benefits of Power Napping at Work
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