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How to be Happier at Work [Infographic]

It can be difficult to feel motivated to get to work or to feel rewarded and satisfied when the day is done. It can be difficult to feel motivated to get to work or to feel rewarded and satisfied when the day is done. 

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Jasmine Eilfield

Guest Writer

The latest infographic from Expocart is taking a closer look at how to make happiness in your career a consistent factor in your everyday life.

What Makes A Happy Employee?

In a 2017 study of American workers, employees from across the country rated several factors they found to be the most important to their workplace happiness.

Did you know that only 51% of people are satisfied with their jobs? Alongside this, 90% of people said they were stressed in their jobs.

Some of the highest rated contributors include safety in the workplace, both physically and mentally, as well as proven job security. Employees are also looking for the chance to apply their skills and abilities in order to grow and succeed.

And just as in all areas of life, workers are always seeking a respectful, mutually beneficial environment. Employees are looking for a trusting relationship among their co-workers and there with their supervisors.

How to Get Happier?

There are a few scientifically proven ideas that can boost your happiness and overall job satisfaction. To start, get enough sleep this can already help to be happier at work. It’s hard to undervalue the advantages of a full night’s sleep among all aspects of your life. You’ll start each day on a better foot if you feel well-rested.

There are some other physical characteristics you can apply to put you in a better mood. Start by smiling: the actual act of smiling signals your brain to release feel-good hormones like dopamine and serotonin, which reduce stress and increase happiness. Then, try your best to sit and stand up straight. Study participants who slouched while talking reported feeling more depressed than when they straightened their posture.

Productivity = Success!

A happy employee is a productive employee, so let’s take a closer look at a few strategies to improve your productivity. Use the 80/20 rule: as it turns out, only 20% of what you do every day yields 80% of your results; so, try to streamline your schedule to eliminate any unnecessary chores.

Set deadlines to keep you on track, and make goals to keep your momentum strong. Use each and every minute effectively, even your commute can be productive if you’re, for example, listening to an industry podcast, or reading a motivational book.

It’s been proven that checking emails in the afternoon can help you preserve your peak energy hours in the morning for your most critical tasks. And speaking of emails, make an ‘inbox zero’ strategy. Prioritize and organize your emails using a system that’s unique and effective for you. That way, you have a strategic method to reply and keep track of each message.

Stay away from multitasking. Just as too much paperwork can clutter your desk, too many to-do tasks can clutter your mind. Brain scans have proven those who consistently multitask have less gray matter, which leads to depression, anxiety, and poor impulse control — not the happy working environment we’re looking for.

Push Yourself

Learning new skills in your career, or even taking up a new hobby with co-workers can improve overall happiness at work. And no matter how intimidating it might seem at first, approach your supervisors and ask for feedback. Nearly three-quarters of American millennial’s in the workplace found satisfaction in their careers when they receive consistent, accurate feedback. Plus, by asking for and receiving feedback, you are building trust among staff.

Anything which comes to your mind to get happier at work? Let us know by using our commenting section below.


How to be Happier at Work

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