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Solutions in Education

From K-12 to Higher Education

Skillz Middle East help you purchase, install and support an integrated solution including complementary third party products in educational environment (whether PC-based or mixed Mac and PC), yes you can have it all.

” Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. ”
Nelson Mandela

For example, Adobe Creative Cloud gives you all the apps you need for any creative field you want to explore. You can seriously make almost anything. Create and share an animated video in two minutes. Or make a feature film with the same editing tools they’re using in Hollywood. Make a website for your band. Or your business. Discover what a creative genius you are. With a deep understanding of Adobe products and a broad knowledge of the issues facing educators, Skillz Middle East’s Expert Team can work with you to transform teaching and learning. We can help you create and maintain state-of-the-art education solutions that will engage students, enhance their performance, and work within your existing infrastructure. Our Services include:


We understand your core concerns and how to address them with vendor solutions and education best practices, up-to-date training on educational as well as technological issues. We are aware of the latest developments in both fields and can draw on years of experience, as well as a proven record of customer satisfaction.


Tailored solutions for education

Our experts are committed to education and have a deep knowledge of Adobe products, services and solutions.


Total Solution Provider

Integration of Adobe products into existing environments, and bespoke solutions that include third-party products.


Multi-Platform Solutions

Experienced in multi-platform solutions, platform switching, and integration.


Skillz Middle East
Certified Gold Reseller in
Education for Adobe


Adobe Certified Professionals

Trained professionals who can help you apply the latest ICT developments to your educational environment. We deliver training for any Adobe product of the Creative Cloud family with ACE certified trainer (Adobe Certified Experts).


Support and Assistance

Long-term partners who can provide support, advice and coaching to help you reach your educational goals.


Protect Your Investment

Skillz Middle East has wide experience working with business and government sectors, with specialization in providing expertise services for the deployment of customized HP (PC), Mac and multi-platform solutions.

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