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e-Learning / m-Learning 

An e-Learning (eLearning) platform provides a complete solution for rapid training and mobile learning, enabling rapid deployment of training accessible from anywhere, anytime, on virtually any device. With Adobe Connect Pro organizations can deploy successful self-paced training, virtual classroom training in the organization. In combination with Adobe Captivate trainer teams get enabled to rapidly create successful responsive e-learning content for any device.

Complete e-Learning & m-Learning Platform

Deploy training faster – Create and deploy content within days versus weeks, and instantly publish to the cloud for widespread access. Repeat sessions without preparation using persistent virtual classrooms.

Reduce the cost of cross-device content creation – Leverage industry-leading tools to create content once and publish for access across virtually any device.

Maximize training registration and attendance – Leverage powerful tools to effectively promote your sessions, courses, and curriculums to maximize learner registration and attendance.

Enable mobile learning on virtually any device – Conduct training or participate in virtual classes across devices including iOS, Android, and BlackBerry PlayBook, as well as the desktop with no client downloads for learners.

Deliver immersive experiences in live and on-demand classes – Track learner engagement in real time to maximize participation. Coordinate with multiple trainers behind the scenes for seamless execution.

Efficiently manage and track training – Manage training with features of a Learning Management System (LMS) at a fraction of the cost, or integrate with an existing LMS to leverage your infrastructure.

“eLearning doesn’t just “happen”! It requires careful planning and implementation.”

From learning management system (LMS) to the interactive platform

The cornerstone for e-Learning / m-Learning and social Learning is an interactive learning platform (Adobe Connect Pro) where learners and knowledge experts can share each others experience and know-how. With social learning we reached the next generation of learning, enable anyone with their experience to share it on a channel which is preferred and which is easy to reach for everyone.

Adobe Captivate Training

Adobe Captivate Training

Book your training today and learn e-Learning content authoring with Adobe Captivate Beginner and Captivate Advanced Training.



Social Learning

Developing Skills Full Certified (LMS)

Building a know-how on a certain topic is like visiting a university. You have a full path where learners educate themselves on a topic where they want to reach an expert knowledge level. Looking into the criteria we can summarize following elements which we see

 Educational paths with full curriculum
 Education of skills takes months/years
 Educational paths have maybe theoretical elements and practical elements
 Educational paths get validated through taking tests and receiving certificates
 Educational paths might have various levels
 Attendees can be tracked and managed with their process over a full LMS

Critical Knowledge Sharing (Training)

Bridging the gap of having update educational tasks of previous gained knowledge. The goal is to deliver in a short period of time a delta knowledge which is critical for the learner to achieve in short period of time. Criteria on delivering which can be described as following

 Educational content needs to be delivered quick in short period of time month/weeks
 Educational content needs to be delivered to a larger group of audience
 Educational content needs to be generated quick and can change
 Educational content can require certified
 Attendees can be tracked and time is critical to oversee of delivery

Information Broadcasting (News)

In corporate environment we have often the need to inform our clients, partners or employees about news and updates which are relevant on changes but not mission critical. We can also say we want to be able to inform but we do not need to proof the delivery of the information. This type of information broadcasting can be considered as kind of educational information distribution.

 Content delivery to unknown number of audience
 Content must be created quick
 Content is easy to consume and can be reviewed in minutes
 Attendees shall be able to receive content also unregistered

We can see while developing full certified skills, both topics like critical knowledge sharing (training) and information broadcasting (news) are considered as rapid learning needs.

From LMS to Rapid Learning

The complete digital learning solution across devices


Adobe Connect Pro – eLearning Platform

Adobe Connect is a collaboration tool that includes video conferencing, application sharing, live polling, chat, whiteboards, and presentations. You can use your desktop to host live, synchronous interactions with small or large groups.

Using Adobe Connect, you and other meeting attendees can join a live, on-line meeting from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a browser, and an Internet connection. A meeting can have as few as two or as many as several hundred attendees.

About Meeting Rooms

A meeting room is an online application that you join by using your web browser to navigate to a specific URL. Once in a meeting, you can see and hear various types of media, such as a live video broadcast of the Presenter, a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, or a video. In real time, presenters can demonstrate software on the computer or use a white board to draw or annotate images or text.

An Adobe Connect meeting room exists before a scheduled meeting time and continues to exist after the scheduled meeting time has passed. A meeting room can be used over and over. The Host can leave the meeting room open or closed between scheduled meetings. If a meeting room is open between meetings, you can enter the room at any time to view content or meet with other group members.

Uses of Adobe Connect

The Adobe Connect service can be deployed on-premise or utilized hosted by Adobe. In addition, clients can have a managed service offering provided by Skillz Middle East. For learning purposes the classic usages of Adobe Connect Pro are:

  Classroom use, including online courses and degree programs, as well as online office hours

 Ad-hoc meeting and collaboration

 Training and professional development

Adobe Connect Pro -Features (extract)

 Course catalog – Automatically generate a master event catalog with Adobe Connect Pro listing all courses and training sessions, which can be quickly embedded into a website. Trainers can create multiple tags within a catalog, providing options to view events by date, topic or other identifiers.

 Template-based email content and triggers – Either standard or custom, email templates can be developed quickly and easily using new drag-and-drop capabilities. In Adobe Connect Pro email triggers can be created for specified registration groups at predefined times.

 Instant access with no client downloads for desktops – With Adobe Connect Pro boost participation by eliminating technical barriers. Adobe Flash Player software is already installed on virtually all Internet-connected computers, so your audience can easily access course content via the central platform.

 Measure real-time engagement in virtual classes – Adobe Connect Pro allows to monitor engagement in real time with an engagement dashboard in virtual classrooms. A color-coded meter helps instructors track content effectiveness and learner engagement, measuring both attentiveness and interactivity. Data can be tracked to influence and enhance future sessions.

 Enrollment management – Quickly and easily manage course or curriculum setup using robust enrollment management capabilities. Manage with Adobe Connect Pro enrollment with automated email notifications, and optionally set approval and prerequisite processes for self-registering learners to enter courses.

 Security and privacy controls – Leverage industry-standard security for secure content delivery and confidential result tracking. Adobe Connect Server uses the industry standards SSL and TLS to provide 128-bit encrypted channels for HTTPS and RTMPS.

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