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Project Felix is Adobe’s all new application for Creative Cloud 2017 that enables you to composite and coordinate 3D resources into 2D pictures without being a 3D master and without soak expectations to absorb information or complex work processes. It conveys you with fantastic photorealistic pictures with no earlier learning of 3D

Project Felix is Adobe’s all-new application for Creative Cloud 2017 that allows you to composite and integrate 3D assets into 2D images without being a 3D expert and without steep learning curves or complex workflows. It delivers you high-quality photorealistic images without any prior knowledge of 3D.

After having the first 3D features in Photoshop back in CS6 it is about time to step into the 3D market. Cinema 4D and Autodesk 3D Max are the leaders in the domain when it comes to 3D modeling, animation, motion graphic, and rendering application.

Update: Adobe Dimension. With this, Project Felix/Adobe Dimension becomes a fully-fledged member of the Creative Cloud family.


For many designers, 3D has remained just out of reach. Does Adobe’s new Project Felix finally remove the hurdle?

Given that this is still a pre-release version, the tool is off to a great start. It offers a lot of potential for mockups, presentation work, and other low- to mid-level 3D needs. Here are the quick pros and cons which we found looking into the pre-release.

Project Felix Pros:

  • Compares to other 3D tools a much faster workflow
  • Wonderful design streamlined for all controls
  • Rendering toolset which is easy to understand
  • Prefab lighting scenes for sophisticated lighting setups

Project Felix Cons:

  • Processor hog
  • Selection of prefab 3D models is still small
  • Some ergonomic clinches

The interface

Only a few companies understand interface design, we can say Adobe has mastered it their way. But still, as capabilities rise, so does interface complexity. So the question is always where to draw the line on that continuum between ease-of-use on one side, and complexity on the other.

Felix breaks the interface down into two basic screens, represented as tabs along the top of the monitor. They are entitled Design and Render. The Design interface is where the scene you are creating is put together, and the Render screen contains the tools for generating a final rendering.

More important the Design Workflow

The Design Workflow comes pretty easy over. Just use the Add a model or Texture Map Model or Add lighting will do the job for various elements. A finally you should have a rendering process which comes with a nice overviewing interface.

Reading a couple of other reviews I could see that there common issues on projects reopening, file corruption and the ergonomic issues but keep in mind it is a pre-release.


Here is the first look at Project Felix by Adobe (watch the Video). This too let designers work with 2D models and make them 3D even without any previous experience!

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