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Video content is popular on social media and on the internet like never before. In 2017 video content increased by 3000% and also the numbers are claiming as we speak in 2018, year-to-date by 300%. Time to look into a guide which helps you to master this trend.

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YouTube videos certainly brought an extra fame to video materials being used as marketing tools. Although this is an old tactic for the television advertising, today’s consumers spend more time on their tablets and smartphones. This is a unique opportunity to convey the message in an effective, fast and highly convenient manner only if you have the right skills.

Video content is the medium of the future although many could argue that it’s been used for a while now. It may be true to some extent, but the new approach of using it in site/in-app will certainly change the way you address your audience. Therefore, we are going to address the best UX practices for video content in this article which should give you enough to make functional videos.

1.    Auto-mute is your friend

There is nothing more annoying for users than when they load a certain webpage and the sound starts blasting from the speakers. This is also rude since you didn’t ask for the user’s consent to usurp their privacy in such a way. That is why you should set the videos to auto-mute and allow users to decide whether they want to turn it on or not.

2.    Don’t take away control

Users should be able to pause, stop and play the video, as well as to control the volume and screen size. Taking away that from them and you are making them do something they didn’t agree upon. As we mentioned before with auto-mute option, users like to have choices. You will be perceived as a less annoying marketer if you give them an opportunity to decide for themselves, than making the decision for them.

3.    Create accessible content

Even though video offers to affect user senses more easily, it can still limit the accessibility of the content. That is why you should add the full transcript of the video, as well as the caption and maybe an article if the topic allows it. This will allow people with impaired vision or hearing, or who are unable to see or hear the video at that moment, to know the content.

4.    It’s all about first impressions

The introduction part of the video is the most important part and you should focus on it closely. Just like when creating textual content you have to catch the audience with a first sentence, when it comes to video, you have to do it in seconds. Users are impatient and if you don’t win them over right away, you might lose them for good. This may require advanced editing and filmmaking skills, so the basic rules on web video production Sydney, New York, Paris and all other cities offer will be enough to get you started.

City Video production X Best UX Practices for Video Content


5.    Every second counts

You have a limited time to say something, so make every second count. Video content is not something they can simply scan quickly, especially if they’re short. Therefore, the message you’re trying to convey should be to the point and effective. Otherwise, the users might move on without finishing the video since they are careful on what to spend their time on the web.

6.    Provide additional information

Videos start and end, which is usually what happens when websites use video material to promote the product or services. This is a huge mistake since that leaves your audience without the clue where to find more information or they simply move on and forget to look.

Adding a Call-to-Action button in the end or providing more content on the topic to broaden the knowledge on a certain matter you just offer is the least you can do. You can even create a related video content if you think that it’s more appropriate for your brand and audience demographics.

7.    Video is only one of the tools

Depending on the video material completely is a wrong marketing strategy since user behavior is not easy to predict with 100% certainty. This means that there is no standard which applies to in site/ in-app videos and you should use additional materials as well.

It’s important that your audience doesn’t feel under pressure so if they want to read the article first and watch the video later, you should leave them that choice. Have this in mind when you create your video and try to fit it with the overall content of your app or website.




Take advantage of the video fully in order to present yourself to the audience more effectively. Eliminate the long introductions, keep the audience engaged and make sure that the information you present is clear and understandable. Follow the newest trends and be among the first ones to use them, since innovation is very important when it comes to presenting content.

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