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podcast | Skillz Middle East
How to Continually Boost Conversation Rates With the Help of Effective Copywriting.

Marketers are having one single goal, increase the conversation rate. If you are in online business, your success is depending on effective copywriting.

But achieving conversion growth is not such a trivial task, even a great copywriter from custom essay writing service accompanied by an extensive knowledge may lose this battle when it comes to boosting conversion rates.

Experience comprises to be the core of your success in copywriting. However, this does not mean that applying some tools in your work will fail.

Below are five helpful tips for copywriters to support you improve website conversion.

Repetition and repetition

The more often we read about something, the more willingly we believe in it, regardless of whether it is legitimate or not. What does this convey?

This means that the more you repeat, the more likely readers will recall the read information. Of course, this does not mean you can merely copy previously written text. Repetitions should be so unexplicit, they might be rephrased in other words without losing the meaning.

The primary task is to identify those phrases which impact your message for your readers, and which shall stay in their memory, therefore retell them as often as possible.

How to Continually Boost Conversation Rates With the Help of Effective Copywriting?

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No, this is not a call for the theft of competitor texts. This is a different kind of borrowing. It’s all about your market language.

To make your readers feel at home, adopt a language that is already spinning in their heads. Adopting this technique ensures your conversation rates will be on the rise.

Your audience will have the feeling that someone reads their mind and understands their thoughts. You will learn the language of your target audience only if you study it.

Most likely, I assume, your target market is known by you. Research your target market and audience very well. Check out Facebook groups where your potential customers are, pay attention to the relevant forums, follow the comments on the blogs they read, identify the books they like.

Focus particular attention to the words and phrases they use and include them to your text.


Robert Cialdini authored an excellent book on the topic of persuasion. The Psychology of Influence. 

It describes the study of 1978. His work considered the use of the phrase “the fact is that” to justify one’s own actions.

In the course of the experiment, participants who were standing in a line were asked the identical question in three ways:

 Excuse me, please. I have five pages. Can I use the copier? The fact is that I am in a hurry.
 Excuse me, please. I have five pages. Can I use the copier?
 Excuse me, please. I have five pages. Can I use the copier? The fact is that I need to make copies.

What do you believe, which question result in the most terrible reaction? The third one? No, it was not!

The answer is the second. Why? Because there was no phrase “the fact is that.

The researchers believe this is justified by the fact that a human is programmed in a certain way to rely on experience when making decisions.

What is the conclusion? When you state something about your product or yourself or when you invite users to initiate any action, employ phrases similar to “the thing is/the fact is that”.

Let the reader say “no”

Readers do not like being held, hostage. No need to drive anyone into a corner, to be held hostage by your site. Your page should attract the reader, but not aggressively.

When you ask your readers to go into action, remember to remind them that they can refuse and leave the page at any time. Grant your users the right to choose, and you’ll discover they prefer you more frequent.

Suppose you want to give your users access to a free version of your software.

Write something like: “To obtain access to the free software … “ versus ”Enter your email address. If you don’t like it, you can unsubscribe whenever you want.”

Flaws for show

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Flaws for show

Users are interested to know from whom do they purchase the product. This is especially a fact for those who advertise their own services. You are not selling the need of your clients, first of all, you are selling yourself. 

Admit your flaws, face the truth that you do not match for everyone. But it’s not for nothing that they say: “a good brand repels as well as attracts”. It’s legitimate.

Don’t make the assumption pointing them out is bad, customers begin to perceive you as a person if you do so. Don’t be afraid to lose an opportunity, keep working with those who you can relate as a valuable partner in a business relationship. 

For example, consider a phrase like: “If you need a developer who ensures the application gets to the top of the Apple rating, this is not for me. I will work tirelessly to create an application that will satisfy your users and become successful. But we will not make empty promises. And we can guarantee that ... “.

Much more believable, isn’t it?

All this is also due to the fact that people recognize a lie. Be honest, make only those promises you can keep and show yourself as a person.

Everyone is more pleased to work with trustworthy people, at the end of the day we do not want to be perceived as a robot.

These represent just a few examples, but they urge the reader to believe in your product after closing the web page. Unleash the potential of boring text with these tips.

Josh Carlyle is a business developer and writing expert Write my essay today, who is experienced in content management and copywriting. Working at Writing Guru, Josh is aware of the latest trends in the digital marketing industry as well as online business. He is always willing to share his knowledge and ideas with entrepreneurs and write for the blogs from the insights of a professional businessperson.

Josh Carlyle

Guest Writer

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