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podcast | Skillz Middle East
Today: Brands using Video Marketing [Infographic]

The most critical marketing content today is currently video since our audience is spending more time with video time than ever before. Every marketer strategy should have a proper video marketing plan included. In case you want to revalidate it or are in the middle of making one, check out today’s infographic helping exactly here.

Brands using Video Marketing
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Dieter Hovorka

CTO, Co-founder, Skillz Middle East

Youtube is the most successful video portal currently on the market. Youtube is, in addition,  also the second largest search engine focusing on video content only. For brands, it is essential to be also present and seen in a way the consumer asks them to see. But when Brands are using video marketing, it is not the easiest topic when it comes to content creation, time-consuming, complex tools are just some words we hear all the time.

We in Skillz Middle East see different types of video which can promote brands. Explainer Video is currently one of the most popular on the market. We love to support brands and organizations with their production of a video channel.

Storytelling is an element which goes hand in hand with video. It makes it or breaks it. But besides this hurdles, we identify also technical challenges at creation and later in the management of the same. Naturally, brands using a digital asset management solution are here ahead of the crowd since they can find all their required assisting content in a single spot.

Users have shared 5+ billion videos on YouTube till today (as of Jan 2017), brands using video marketing are catching up.

According to an infographic by review and coupon site, 97% of marketers mention that video has helped increase audience understanding of their services or products, and 81% of users say their purchasing decision was faster made by watching brand videos.

A nice side effect is people spend more time on websites while watching a video, technical speaking we lower here our bounce rate for websites. Sharing is carrying and typical satisfied consumers share video content with their friends more than other content.

The infographic highlights many aspects of video marketing

  • How video is used in various industries
  • How videos are consumed by device type and browser
  • How marketers are utilizing video content on various social channels, such as Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat
  • How brands are tackling technologies like 360-degree video, VR (virtual reality), and video mapping
  • How brands are presenting and distributing their videos

Are you prepared to attend the trend and pulse of this emerging content? Review the full infographic “Brands using Video Marketing”, below and see how you can enhance your video marketing strategy. Let us know which fresh idea you got out of here and which type if videos remain you’re favorite.

Brands using Video Marketing [Infographic]

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