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How to Create Effective Online Listings: Words That Sell [Infographic]

Consider The Psychology, the psychology behind consumer behavior can help you get the biggest return from your listing. While thinking to create effective online listings you might find yourself to think of buzz words or trending words that grab the attention of the majority of consumers.

How to Create Effective Online Listings: Words That Sell
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Consumers are bombarded by promotional material across social media and other digital channels online, so to create effective online listings or promotion that catches the eye requires skill and deep understanding of your target market.

Use the tips below in the infographic to level up your listings, attract more buyers and sell faster. Does this promise catch your attention? For today’s marketer, this is an essential valuable piece that can help in every marketing strategy to succeed.

The infographic recommends,

Find the engaging wording

Simple as this, find an Emotional Tie. Where appropriate, use wording that has emotional or sentimental ties, people respond best to positive emotions.

It is never wrong to present the facts, back up claims and the value of your listing with facts, certifications, and supplementary data. If you use numbers use percentage to compare them.

Know your customers and anticipate their concerns and needs. Feature elements that your ideal customer is looking for and address the concerns you think they’d have.

Tailor Your Pricing

Pick Prestige or Charm Pricing, it brings you to the attention of the customer.  If you’re trying to market prestige or luxury, clean rounded prices are more attractive. For Charm or cost-efficiency, end your price in “9.” Consumers mentally round down prices.

Highlight Price Drops, consumers will be quicker to purchase if they feel they’re getting a deal. Make sure the new price is differentiated with a larger and different font – it also helps to use a different color if possible.

Utilize Comparisons, in comparisons, people will go for the middle price option because it’s perceived as a good deal but not “cheap.” The “centerstage effect” shows middle options are preferred visually too.

Note: Consumer purchasing patterns vary based on what’s being sold. They’ll likely choose quality and luxury on items that are big investments versus items that aren’t as much of a risk.

How to Write Online Listings that Sell Fast

Post Listings at the Right Time. What good is a great listing if no one’s looking? Weekends and weekdays after 5 pm are ideal. Try to avoid vacation seasons too.

Eye-Catching Headlines. Capture attention quickly with concise, complimentary titles (40-80 characters). Avoid unnecessary punctuation, spam my formats and filler words.

Detailed Descriptions. Define your listing accurately (160+ characters), play up the best features and make those the focus. Try using bullet points for scannability.

Images Are Essential. “92.6% of people said that they put the most importance on visual factors when purchasing products.” -International Color Expo

Add Video and Interactive Features.  If Possible “80% of people state that videos give them more confidence when purchasing” -Wyzowl

Take Inspiration From Other Industries.  Try tools used in different fields for a fresh take on your listing, see if there’s a way to spin a popular tactic to work for your offering.

Attention-Grabbing Adjectives

Say hello to your new best friend, Thesaurus. Choosing the right word can make it or break it. Here are some samples which can turn the world into the right direction.

Instead of  “Nice,” Try:  Luxurious, Pristine,  or State-of-the-art.

Instead of “Bargain,” Try:  Competitively priced, Cost-effective or  Reasonably priced.

Instead of “Good,” Try:  Beautiful , High-caliber or Certified.

Don’t Forget About Font

If you have control over the font for your listing or plan on including text on an image or video, make sure it’s:

  • Easy to read
  • Easy to read
  • Professional
  • On brand
  • 10-14 pt. (body copy)
  • 16-20 pt. (title copy)
  • Sans serif (recommended)

For more on how to create effective online listings, check out the following infographic, courtesy of ForSaleByOwner. The visual guide covers very well all tips as well as timing, visual optimization, and additional tactics to help you catch the attention of your consumer.

How to Create Effective Online Listings: Words That Sell

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