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Today I want to share with you another great Infographic which gives us some great idea, why Digital Asset Management software helps your organization. So let’s have a look into what can Digital Asset Management do for you. What are the advantages for organizations?

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Dieter Hovorka

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Digital Asset Management software come in many flavors, depending on the number of users, the volume of assets or simply installed in-house or hosted somewhere in the cloud.

Bynder, a provider for Software as a Service (SaaS) from the Netherlands highlights in an infographic the benefits for organizations on using a digital asset management for their brand mission.

What is Digital Asset Management?

The answer is as simple as we can think about. It’s the fastest way of working with your media like images and photos, audio files, videos, logos, documents, presentations, guidelines and many other.

With a digital asset management, short DAM, companies are able to organize, share and centralize their media files.

Benefits of a DAM can be measured in two main aspects. Cost control and savings and time savings while using and working with media.

Time can be saved while searching for assets with a proper search engine behind central repositories.  Easy sharing and publishing save money by keeping control of digital assets. Media workflows for approval and version management provide a significant example of measurable ROI.

Time can be saved while searching with proper search engines behind central repositories. Due to controlled reusing and repurposing of digital assets, we can reduce time in finding them and proper release management. A trackable history of an asset is essentials to rollback for an older release or finding the original asset.

Why Digital Asset Management Software? For every Dollar spend the ROI is between $ 8 and $ 14.

Is this, not a great reason? According to the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) digital asset management is worth: $ 1.6 bn, and in 2019, $

The graphic looks also into a comparison of a cloud-based implementation versus an on-premise installation. While cloud-based software shine with more transparent costs versus on-premise, there are still in both cases hidden costs which are most of the time not considered. In most of the cases consulting, training and operation of a DAM are underestimated.

Costs obtain the primary driver for the decision to use a cloud-based offering. While buying decisions of digital asset management solutions are always driven by marketing, brand or communications departments it is easy to say that cloud offerings are here preferred. Share your experience while working with media files, encourage a dialogue with your peers and use our commenting section below.

What Can a Digital Asset Management Software Do for You?

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