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More than 500 million tweets are sent every day. That’s 5787 tweets every second. How can your brand stand out from the crowd? It is important maybe to understand how the Twitter Algorithm works.

Twitter Algorithm
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Twitter is an online news and social networking site where people communicate in short messages called tweets. Tweeting is posting short messages for anyone who follows you on Twitter, with the hope that your messages are useful and interesting to someone in your audience. Another description of Twitter and tweeting might be microblogging.

The mass media really like Twitter because it can pick up “blooper” Tweets from famous people that creates paper selling headlines and drives eyeballs to their online properties and TV shows and news.

To understand more we should maybe look into the history of twitter algorithm for a moment. In 2006 the concept of the twitter algorithm was simple,  the twitter feed 1.0 was a simple timeline structure, Tweets were displayed in reverse chronological order.

Nearly 10 years later, 2014 Twitter started with recommendations, instead of only showing content from followers, feeds started to include recommended tweets, topics, and accounts.

2015 Twitter delivered another update which we call, While you are away. This module was meant to provide users with a recap of notable tweets they might have missed. Also, the trends section got introduced.

After this update, the relevance model and ICYMI got introduced. It was designed to predict which content users would find interesting. Twitter also replaced ‘While you were away’ with ‘In Case You Missed It’.

The latest update in 2019 was the Top vs Latest tweets, users can now easily switch between an algorithm feed and a real-time feed.

Moving forward Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter stated that he will maintain a real-time platform.

So the question remains, what are the current twitter ranking signals. These signals can be, how recently the tweet was published, how many retweets, clicks, favorites or impressions a tweet has received. The type of multimedia content in a tweet like an image, video or gif. Other factors are looking also into the fact how long a user has been away from the site. How many followers an account has.

In the infographic, which was prepared by Digital Information World, we can find also tips about how we can increase our organic reach. It recommends, of course, a two-way communication strategy, focusing on the usage of engaging GIFs, meaningful hashtags and to be an active presence on the platform.

Creating a GIF is easier than most people think and it pays off. Having said this you should put twitter advertisement into your digital marketing strategy. Understanding a little better the Twitter Algorithm should help us to build the right communication the right audience of our choice.

How The Twitter Algorithm Works [Infographic]

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