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If you ever look at the traffic stats of the blog, social media is said to be among the top three forms of traffic sources. In fact, for so many blogs, social media traffic is quite important than direct traffic and search engine.

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But, on the other hand, you will come across so many bloggers who will complain about the ineffectiveness of the social media and how it is just overhyped in so many ways.

However, the reality in the amount of traffic that you manage to attract from the social media and level of engagement that you manage to drive from focuses primarily on how the social media post structures are and if the content has some share worthiness value to it.

For helping you to understand better, there are some major or key points that you might want to keep in mind. These points are going to help you in creating a strategy for just driving traffic and even conversions from the social media platform, it’s all about social media traffic.

Effective And Proven Solutions To Improve Social Media Traffic With The Conversions In Hand

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Using some of the high conversion keywords:

On all the current social networks, there are some keywords known to generate some more engagement than the others. They are ready to attract some of the best clicks and procure more exposure. Using them in an intelligent way in the current social media updates can always help in increasing the effectiveness and visibility of the posts. Listed below are some of the high conversion keywords for some of the leading social networks.

  • Twitter – Re-tweet, new blog post, follow, check out, social media, top, help
  • Facebook – When, where, Inspire, Submit, Tell us, Warns, Discounts, Deals, Amuses
  • Google+ – Promote, discover, Share, Create, Increase
  • LinkedIn – Improved, Reduced, Developed, Created, Increased Researched

These are few of the many keyword-based information that you are going to come across over here. All of them can help you to increase your social media traffic. You can get some points to cover straight from Gramista in this regard. For some more solutions in this regard, you can to log online and find more of these current words in multiple posts. You can choose whichever one you want and things will gladly work out in the best manner possible for sure.

Effective And Proven Solutions To Improve Social Media Traffic With The Conversions In Hand

Image Credit: Pixabay

Get the chance to expand reach with the hash tags:

You might have seen some of the people using various hashtags with the current social media based updates and posts. Hashtags have truly expand the current reach of the posts just beyond the present immediate followers, and can further be used to reach out to some of the new audiences with ease. Right at the same time, you get the opportunity to actually create some chats, social media discussions and trends, which can always be used for some of the wide-ranging purposes over here.

Using around 1 to 2 hash tags per post can always increase the current effectiveness of the present social media content. Some other people say using up to 7 hashtags would improve your social media traffic to the best. It can also help you in driving some more conversions and traffic. You can take a sneak peek into the optimal hash tags usage statistics for some of the top social networks.

  • Twitter:

Here, you can tweet with the hash tags, which can easily attract around 2 times more engagement with favorites, re-tweets, and replies. There will be around 21% more engagement with those tweets which come handy with 1 to 2 hashtags. In case you have already increased the current number of hashtags more than just 2, the engagement levels can easily fall by an average of around 17%. Around 40% of tweets with the hash tags will always get re-tweeted.

  • Facebook:

In this section, it is true to stat that hashtags were not that effective when it all first started. But over the last couple of years, these hashtags will have an effective source of exposure and traffic. Using around 1 to 2 hashtags on each post can get an average of around 593 interactions on each post. But, if you plan to increase that number of hashtags to 3 to 5, the average interactions can easily fall down to around 416 per post.

  • Google+:

Right from the early days, Google+ has already emerged and encountered use of the hashtags. These hashtags are mainly added to posts automatically depending on the content but can also edit hashtags if needed. Google+ will also show a list of some of the related hashtags, which can well be used for gauging interests of the audience.

Get to learn more about this idea of a hashtag and some of the uses with the help of some online blog posts. There are so many of them available in the market for you to try right now.

Get to use the visual content for some more engagement:

By nature, social media is well-designed for the current visual content. So, it is not going to be a surprise that the image based content can work on for attracting some more engagement when compared to simple text-based ones. Therefore, it is really important for you to add images, videos, GIFs, vines and other visual contents on a regular basis in social media based updates. It can clearly portray the visual content on various social networks.

  • In terms of Facebook, the image based posts are proven to attr4act somewhat around 39% more engagement.
  • In the case of Google+, the videos are known to get around 28% more engagement, and the images will receive 94% more plus 1s. Then you have the animated GIFs with 39% more and 1s.
  • Whenever it is associated with LinkedIn, the image based posts are ready to attract around 98% of more comments. On the other hand, linking to the YouTube videos or even the Instagram posts can often result in 75% more shares over here.
  • Now for the Twitter, adding vines, images and videos can help you get a whopping of 200% more engagement when compared to some of the simple texting tweets.

Following these points beforehand will help you to improve social media traffic with best-ever conversions in hand.

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